Variety is a spice

This is my kind of variety.

I had a very relaxing weekend, and I think the primary reason for it was my relaxed gaming schedule. I’m usually pretty aggressive about getting some things done, or setting goals I want to achieve for the weekend to help make up for my lack of play time during the week. But this past weekend, I approached it very loosely, and floated around a bit. From consoles, to PC, to miniatures, I did everything and kept things interesting. Oh, and it was my first Father’s Day, so that felt odd, out-of-place, and like it should not have been an applicable holiday for me in the slightest. The whole “I’m a Daddy” thing still feels a bit surreal at times (6 months in, and me being responsible for another LIFE still strikes me as insane at times).

As I was saying, I didn’t focus on any one specific game experience this weekend. I found myself on EVE, buying up skill books to start training on a couple of goals of mine. I dropped around 10 million isk so I could train for a Raven, a Drake, and a Wolf. I’ll have the skills done training to technically fly the first two by the time I get home today. Being able to purchase and fit them are a completely different story. As is having the game skill to fly them correctly. In WAR I ran around on my Knight some, and played in a few city sieges, and even poked about with my Warrior Priest for a short while. I’m pretty close to RR76 on my Knight, and really hope to hit that ding by the weekend of this week.

During one of the rare sunny moments (non-stop rain it seemed for Florida), I pulled out my Tao, and continued to work on my fire-warriors. The set of miniatures I have are in a fairly bad state after a paint-stripping event gone wrong (do NOT leave plastic in a bath of nail cleaner with a sealed lid for multiple hours), so they are now a great test pallet for color schemes and practice. I think once I have my desired scheme done, I’ll get some more and really put some good time into them. It’s a hobby I’ve let die off with my time in MMOs, and something I really want to start doing more of and cutting back on my MMO time.

Boom! Headshot.

Console-wise I was sorting through my games, and realized I never finished “The Force Unleashed” for my Wii. So I happily looked like an idiot for my daughter in her jumper as I swung my arms around like a fool, trying to remember the controls and not die horribly. I polished off a couple of missions with a 6 month old cackling in delight at her daddy being silly. To cap off the weekend of gaming, I put in about an hour playing BF:BC2 on my PS3 last night. I had really forgot how fun and exhilarating FPSs can be to play. I wasn’t even ranked when I started, having hardly played the multi-player aspect of the game at all, and was getting absolutely wrecked at the start. My wife laying in bed next to me, kept making smart-ass comments the whole time. Things along the lines of, “Oh. Did you die again?”, or “Man, you sure are dieing a lot.”, “How come you keep getting killed?”, “Are you letting them kill you?”. Yeah, nothing picks at your ego more than a non-gaming wife talking smack on behalf of the 14-year old kid on the other side of the screen. Thankfully, by the end of the night, I had started performing somewhat more admirably, and was at least getting as many kills as deaths. More than anything, my fingers are itching right now to get back in-game, and use my newly unlocked shotgun for some close-quarters room sweeping.

For a long time, I’ve been heavily focused on MMOs, by nature of what I play, I’m not saying that this site is going to take a shift towards a more genre-diverse focus, but I will say, don’t be surprised if you see more articles about other aspects of gaming and gamers.


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