Fond farewell, and safe travels

Look how young he was!

Rev. Dr. Joshua S. Drescher was laid off from Mythic this morning, as related via his twitter feed.

I’m sure many of us who have been with the game for a long time now remember him fondly as a jovial face and easy personality to relate with. Having met him as well, I can say that his sense of humor is vast, and his ability to ramble seemingly incoherent stories into intriguing tales of aliens, lizards, and football fields is an impressive talent in its own right. Although I rarely agree with his political views (his ultra-liberal  meets my libertarian conservatism), I have always respected his view of the game and his role in helping to create something I love and am passionate about.

We don’t have all the details, and even Josh doesn’t. I only hope that there are no more layoffs to follow, and want to extend condolences to the entire Mythic/EA staff for having to see one of their own go. I’ve been on both sides of this situation, and it’s never an easy experience.

Before anyone gets Chicken Little on this bit, read these quotes from his twitter feed:

“Quick note, then I’m going offline for a while: WAR isn’t dying. The game is better now than ever before and more goodness is on the way.”

“Even though it’s not my baby anymore, I’m proud of what it’s become and want the team’s hard work to be rewarded moving forward.”

I hope you will all join me in wishing Josh the best of luck in all future endeavors and that any troubles that arise from this will be over shortly.