The Routine

I’ve alluded to this a bit in other posts, but lately my gaming, as it pertains to WAR, has really fallen into a routine. There hasn’t been a lot of diversity or change to the way my gaming experience has been going. I’ll hop on vent, ask if anything is going on. Invariably, we have an SC group, either it will have room or there is room for my Knight in a short while as someone logs off, goes AFK, or whatever. I then proceed to queue for SCs for about two hours, maybe run in the lakes a bit looking for a fight in between, and then log off to go to bed. The fights overall have become somewhat bland, we don’t run into a lot of really good fights anymore. I do have a little super-secret side project that has been a nice shake in my routine. I’ve been working on it for a bit over a month, and you’ll start seeing posts about it on July 4th. That said, every rule has an exception, and I think Gorfang might be having a recent upset to our routine, in part thanks to (what else) a heap of drama.

On Gorfang, there has been one primarily dominant Destruction guild for a long, long time: Arsenal. There are a handful of other strong and good guilds (Utter Annihilation & Opprimo Umbra to name a couple), but for the most part, Destruction on our server doesn’t form a lot of strong premades, instead having focused on warband combat, and reliance on numbers. Order side, there have been a number of really strong, well-organized small team premades that have been together for a long, LONG time. Irony, Run Like Hell, Blitz, and V’los Vel’drin to a lesser extent. These guilds are out all the time running scenarios, and when the reports of a delicious morsel of an enemy zerg is spread around, they start to salivate at the prospect of fighting ridiculous odds, and coming out the other side. I know that my guild (Blitz) as a whole has been hopping for more diversity in strong opponent guilds. We’ve been fighting the same people for a long, long time, and know usually how a match is going to end up by looking at the scenario teams before it even begins. And we might have that now.

Onto, the drama!

About six months ago (I think – give or take some months), we took in a new player who was re-rolling from destro. He had played a Sorc on our server, and wanted to play a Knight over here, and with us. It was a giant chore, but we took him in, geared him to the nines, he played a TON and got to RR80, and we taught him how to at least be competent. Every moment trying to teach him was a chore. He was resistant and not self-motivated in any way to actually learn. I can’t stress enough how much we tried to get him to understand and mesh with our play style, only to feel like we were pounding sand at times. Eventually, he picked up some of the base competencies we would expect, and was adequate, if not exceptional. So, a month ago, this guy said he was taking a break, because he had to take care of his aunt who was sick with cancer. Not a couple of days after his “break” started, we saw him on his Sorc. We asked him about it, and he told us it was a reactivation for a trial period, we let it slide, but felt the way he handled it was a bit sketchy. When it was clear that he was playing a LOT, we booted him from the guild. Not because he was playing destro, we could have cared less (a good chunk of us have second accounts with destro alts we play from time to time), but because of how he went about it. The capper to this tale of awesome drama: he now says it was all a ruse. The entire time he never liked any of us, and wanted to learn what he can from us, and make us waste our time on him. As a side note, how much /played time do you think it takes to get to RR80 in about 6 months? Yeah….

Anyway, the good news from all this tasty drama is that a new destro guild has formed on Gorfang, in part thanks to this player. They are named Paradox, and they have been trying to recruit players from all the top guilds and even trying to get some Order players to reroll destro. Their goal, as far as we can tell, is to be hardcore, competitive players, who don’t give a flip about reputation, and just want to smash the enemy. I hope they succeed. I can’t stress that enough, my guild has become somewhat lazy. We’ve been playing alts, going solo a LOT, and just dicking around for God-knows how many months now. We’ve had no whetstone to sharpen us really. The routine has made us dull.

So, Paradox, get your gear together, play together lots, and make strong teams. I want you out there. I hope that all of this doesn’t go for naught, and you guys truly become a force to be reckoned with. I pray to all that is holy and good, that I have a reason to play my Knight all the time. I want to be pressed by my competition to give me a reason to play my strongest character, instead of the ridiculously weak skirmish/assault spec Shadow Warrior (I couldn’t stand staying scout, sorry). Best of luck to you guys, can’t wait to see a real fight in the near future, my routine has been killing me with boredom.


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10 Responses to The Routine

  1. Kesarin says:

    Ha! I know exactly who you’re talking about, since he was in guilds with me before he joined up with you guys in Blitz. Sad to hear he ditched you guys like that, but whatever.

    I agree about wanting good opponents – without good competition, you do start to get dull. Here’s to hoping for a breakup in the routine.

  2. Attic says:

    I think we all know who he’s referring to.

    Paradox seems interesting, they’ve already started headhunting people from other guilds. Fifi and Coop already left BR and rumor has it that Chicken might be leaving Arsenal.

    If I wasn’t so busy playing WoW with the Bumpers guys I’d probably leave BR as well and try to bring Hohoz along with me. Though I think my connection to Zadz would make me verboten.

    • shadowwar says:

      I purposely didn’t name him, because there’s no real point. Anyone who pays any attention to our servers community knows who it is.

      From what I’ve heard, Chicken hasn’t expressed any desire to join up with Paradox. She’d be a powerful addition to their team is they get her. I don’t know who all their members are yet, beyond the ex-knight, and one Blackguard, and those you named. Strong guilds are built on the backs of skilled healers as I see it. I hope they get them.

      • Attic says:

        There’s also Mez’s sorc Kinq, Nydig, Gutsplitta (no surprise there, dude changes guilds ever other week), Karbard, Staffbearer, I’m pretty sure Galodar has a blorc in there, and Mez told me that Cyvik is Grolni iirc. A very solid team all in all.

  3. theerivs says:

    Gorfang is a server? Never heard of ’em

    Anyway kudos to the Destro side, their hate is delicious.

  4. Erbse says:

    If anything has been proven over the course of the past 6 months it is that Red gets stomped. Granted, Warhammer made content accessible to the point that losing no longer matters as much as it did, factual however the statement is correct, and likely to stay correct, Paradox or no.

    As far as Neovolk is concerned (feel free to edit the name out), he’s left VV after a few days, or weeks. While pushing for RvR constantly the lakes at that time simply were dried out, and he eventually left with the reason of not having felt like he was a part of a functioning group. Well, good him for I thought when he joined Blitz. On another note, he’s had quite a bad rep with VA at some point, but then again, it’s VA we’re talking about and their credibility had long gone out of the window by that time. It may had some truth to it?

    Still, moral of the story, whether or not what he claims to be truth (people by average love to live in denial of reality) to be actually true, people like him do exist, and will keep on existing. Destro would be better of brandishing and abandoning him, I wouldn’t even take a chance that possibly would end up with a knife in my back.

    Well, enjoy Warhammer for that it is worth.

    • shadowwar says:

      Had no idea he was ever in VV or VA. /shrug

      I pretty much agree with you on knife thing. A guy who will lie about a family member having cancer is hard to lend any credibility. I mean really, why’d it have to be “cancer”.

      That said, I think the tone of the post moved away from what I wanted to focus on sadly, which is more that there is a potentially great new destro guild who could pose a challenge coming up on our server to break the routine of my Warhammer days.

      Turncoats and liars are nothing more than a silly annoyance, and worth noting no more than as explanation and back-story in a developmental sense.

      • Eframmite says:

        LOL we kicked volk millenia ago!

        shout out to all my ninjas!

        and props to volks for doing so well in his online life in spite of his skin problems!

  5. Shineobi says:

    Vohannyn, Grolni, Gimba, Galadar, Mez, Munhel and Llondo are all now in paradox. Because of this I have to make an Arcmage 😦

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