The Routine

I’ve alluded to this a bit in other posts, but lately my gaming, as it pertains to WAR, has really fallen into a routine. There hasn’t been a lot of diversity or change to the way my gaming experience has been going. I’ll hop on vent, ask if anything is going on. Invariably, we have an SC group, either it will have room or there is room for my Knight in a short while as someone logs off, goes AFK, or whatever. I then proceed to queue for SCs for about two hours, maybe run in the lakes a bit looking for a fight in between, and then log off to go to bed. The fights overall have become somewhat bland, we don’t run into a lot of really good fights anymore. I do have a little super-secret side project that has been a nice shake in my routine. I’ve been working on it for a bit over a month, and you’ll start seeing posts about it on July 4th. That said, every rule has an exception, and I think Gorfang might be having a recent upset to our routine, in part thanks to (what else) a heap of drama.

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