The magical tripple-E

Nothing says "sex" to geeks like a game logo on a woman's ass.

E3 has arrived.

I remember a few scant years ago (okay 6 years ago), I had no idea what E3 was. That’s right, I was clueless as to its existence. I was coming off my college-years high of booze and women, so super-awesome video-game geekery wasn’t high on my list of things I was interested in. Once I settling into “real-life” I found myself looking into the video game industry and it’s communities more and more, including E3. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably aware of this event already, and if you’re not, go here. Just know, that E3 is a magical place, where wonderful things happen. Hot women entice nerds to their booths, fun drama occurs everywhere, and the newest toys get represented. Actual magic can happen there. Not your uncle’s trick of cutting your mom in half. No. Real magic. If I was to show up there, ever, I would expect Cthulu to be summoned.

Just sayin’.

In any matter, to get to the meat of what I’m talking about here: Warhammer is approaching close to two years old now, and Mythic made it clear they didn’t plan on having any presence themselves at the expo. I don’t think even the magical powers of E3 can conjour up a game company that doesn’t want to present itself to the masses.

So what am I going to talk about? Good question, there’s a lot of hype that goes on around these shows, and all of us that love this game want desperately to hear some ground-shaking good news that will blow all nay-sayers out of the water. We crave to hear the information will allow us to throw a giant, “Boo-yah!” up in the air, as we rejoice in new development for our game. I’m not a person to get sensationalist and believe the game is in “maintenance” mode. I’ve been to their studio, seen first hand that activity is taking place. Walking around, I did not get the impression of skeleton crew team, struggling to keep a game in stasis. Work is being done, the question is, what work?

We all hope and pray that it’s a new expansion. Any kind of expansion. I’m a fairly patient person. I haven’t been clamoring at the bit for something new to do, but I am getting a bit bored. Bored may not be the right word. I’m deeply in a routine right now. I have two primary characters. Karstaedt and Zayr. Between them, I have a ridiculous amount of time played in the game, and that doesn’t even take into account my two level 40 destro characters (BG and DoK both sub RR60), or my up-and-coming level 32 Warrior Priest. I’ve experienced all old Warlord encounters for both sides, I’ve run through the IC palace instance and kill big T more times than I can count. I’ve trounced N’karri multiple times over, and never saw my bow drop. The vulture lord has been destroyed by me, and I’ve made foolish enemies trying to hide in his tomb regret their decisions. I’ve reached some of the highest ranks of the game, and been a champion for my King. On my knight, well over 20 thousand dead enemies can be laid at my blade, all while giving my own significantly less than 2000. There are only two real events of note that I haven’t accomplished in-game. One is PvE – the world boss in LotD, the other is getting to RR80 on a character. And truth be told, I’m a casual player, especially the last six months.

So, when other players get frustrated or say they’re quitting out of boredom, I can’t really blame them. I know so many players that have killed, and been killing since day one of this game, and have just done it all they could. They need some new way to do it, or a new dynamic brought to make the fighting interesting again. Alts are well and good, but I don’t believe that playing an alt qualifies as new content in WAR. Playing a different Archetype is somewhat of a new experience, but when you grok the combat and flow of the game, not much will be that different.

Anyway, this went from a post talking about the awesomeness of E3, to lamentations and pondering on what is coming for Warhammer. I’ll just cut it short here before I get any more rambly, and say, I really want new stuff to do. Everyone at Mythic is being purposefully cautious about promising new content. There’s a sense of it out there, like something just waiting to be screamed out to all of us. A tension fills the community, and while tension can be a great way to build strength, if held for too long, it causes cracks and can eventually shatter.


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6 Responses to The magical tripple-E

  1. Rank-n-Vile says:

    Makes me wonder; if the game does NOT do anything major over the next several months except these “simple” updates, where will the game be?

    It is not like I am going anywhere. If anything, I just want to hear the words “New Content”…whether it be a Skaven invasion like I discuss in my post (“The Skaven are coming”.. or say a new city or even a return of Fortresses (hated or not).

    A show of something being done could easily alleviate the “Maintenance” mode discussion,

  2. Tyanon says:

    Suddenly I want to play Nintendo.

  3. theerivs says:

    There seem’s to be words there, but I can’t focus on them.

  4. skarbd says:

    Damn I may well be owing Bootae a bottle of something. I didn’t realise Mythic weren’t going to E3. Which pretty much scrubs my hopes of an addon.

    Though, it’s not always a good idea to launch something at E3, since it can be swallowed up by the general deluge from other games.

    • shadowwar says:

      I really, really need to learn german! My iPhone app to learn it has been laying fallow, I think it’s time to jump back into it a bit every night.

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