Bloody Cairn

I finally got to play for a bit yesterday evening, after a weekend long endurance of strangers who mostly wanted nothing to do with me. All right, maybe that’s a bit of an over-exageration, but for the most part, I spent a lot of time playing on my cellphone. So, when I got some free time yesterday to jump into my second favorite scenario, it was time greatly appreciated, and put to good use. The standard renown bonus for the weekend live events is a noticeable boon to anyone still chasing the mythical renown rank 80. People like myself.  In respect to the scenario, I wanted to look at this scenario, and talk about what exactly it is I like about it, and look at how it differs from the beast it started as.

For those unfamiliar, Blood of the Black Cairn started off in live-game life as a “rotating king of the hill”. It was an interesting design, and still one of the better maps, especially compare to Thunder Valley, but it wasn’t amazing like Battle for Praag. Essentially, it was a map with three capture points, and the needed point would randomly rotate between them, and the swap would occur every “x” amount of time, with some overlap to allow for some strategy. It was a fun concept, but some issues inhibited its real success. It was never clear what objective was needed, it was too easy to miss the messaging, and so a lot of the strategy involved was lost due to simple misunderstanding of the combatants. Consequently, this lead to the fighting not being even remotely focused. Players would run around chasing anything with red letters over their head to get a fight, and it usually turned into a game of ring around the rossies.

The re-design did wonders for this map, and pushed it promptly up to second-favorite status. It used a combination of the Battle for Praag mechanic, as well as the what we see now in Stage 1 of the city siege. The required point-control to capture the main objective gives opportunity for some sneaky opportunists to distract enemy forces. It’s also a scenario that is very difficult to win on PvE alone. There is no part to capture, and as far as I recall, your two “base” objectives don’t give any actual points, and only allow access to holding the central flag. The combat, for the most part, get’s focused on that center point, which is on a depression in the ground, right next to a pond, again allowing for some fun, dynamic fights with use of terrain and group movement.

I was sad when this map was culled from the list of available scenarios, particularly when I saw Reikland Factory on there. I was glad for its short return this weekend though, and got to play in over a half-dozen times. Anytime you want to come back for a visit, BotBC, my door is always open.


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12 Responses to Bloody Cairn

  1. openedge1 says:

    This scenario was quite interesting. Even though scores would be VERY close, you did have one side who could control so much.
    If one side got control, they could eventually push everyone back to their start and then they would never get out.
    I had that happen several times…and then I did it several times.
    What was the funniest part was seeing all the complaints on the forum about this scenario…I can’t say I have ever seen one SC pull in such a varied group of love vs hate.
    This scenario was unique enough that it was the first one I ever wanted to discuss…because a majority of time, I hate the Weekend Warfront.

    This one was good enough that I played it quite a few times.


    • shadowwar says:

      I’ll have to look on the forums for the comments. I didn’t get to browse them at all this weekend, so I missed all the fun.

      Interestingly, I was thinking about how easy it was to split a force that was control’ing the enemy position via spawn camp. All that was needed was a small force to take a side exit, and neutralize the enemy objectives. This almost invariably drew four or more enemy-combatants away to take them back.

      • zizlak says:

        I like the sc, because it’s one of the few sc’s which doesn’t allow spawn camping. The side exits are so far apart that it’s easy to find a way around the ones camping at the main exit.
        I also like the fact that one can run around and cap the flag near the enemy post. So they have to split up or lose. There are many tactics available..but sadly their are the ones who “zerged their brain away”.

        Many pugging folks don’t get the tactics in this sc and only run the middle way and get pretty badly beaten up. This sc shows why any decent sc couldn’t make it into the normal rotation.. 😉

  2. Mr. Meh says:

    Gotta say, not the biggest fan of this SC. But you are right, it keeps close scores and the possibilty of spawn camping honest.

    I more over greatly agree with the statement on Reikland Factory. How that made it, I don’t understand. I much rather play Cairn than RF any day.

    • shadowwar says:

      I think the reasoning for Reikland was probably the speed of it. Reikland is an incredibly fast map to complete. Player could churn two or three 500 point wins out back to back in the time it took a normal SC to run it’s course. This means a lot more insignia/emblems and more “bonus renown” in the same time span. Power gamers who chase the renown/gear carrot probably love it.

      Additionally, because of it’s fast replay, I’m betting it showed up as a very popular (often played) scenario. It’s so fast, it artificially inflated it’s apparent popularity.

      I could be totally wrong though.

    • Wasdstomp says:

      yeah reikland factory isnt about pvp. It is all about how fast you can win. It is the dumbest scenario that made it into the normal rotation.

  3. Rer says:

    I love this Scenario, as a Witch Hunter I just ninja Destro’s beginning objectives the whole game. They get no points and my friends are free to farm renown. 😀

  4. Jomu says:

    what do you think you’ll do when you hit RR80? i would imagine it would be less stressful? I think thats why I make so many alts, I don’t want to get to the end and feel like there is nothing/less to do 😉

    • shadowwar says:

      I’m not really stressed about hitting 80. I imagine I’ll do a lot of what I do now, and that’s just run around and kill people. I’m only about 20% away from RR75 now, so there’s not a lot left for me to look forward too other than a bit more AP, and a 2% increase in all my stuff, and a few pieces of Sovereign I have waiting for me. I might give my SW push to get to 80 as well, or play my BG or WP more. All depends on what I’m feeling. Truth is, I really enjoy playing my Knight.

  5. krosuss says:

    As an OCD Weekend Warfront task finisher … I hated the “Control all 5 points at the end of the scenario” task. Friday night and a god chunk of Saturday afternoon I ran near 20 scenarios. We didn’t cap all 5 at once let alone at the end. Granted, I was PUGGING but even by dumb luck it should happen once. So … I made it my job to prevent Destro from capping them all.

    Later Sat night I finally ran with some premades and we did it. But even then it wasn’t a slam-dunk.

    I definitely enjoyed the fighting … there was a ton of it. The best was fighting in those rows of small trees in the orchard. Good cover yet you could still get line of sight to target.

    I wonder how they’ll be handling Thunder Valley, Gromril Crossing, and Reikland Hills.

    • shadowwar says:

      I only got to play a bit on Sunday, and I did maybe 4 or 5 instances back to back of this SC, pugging it up like a champ. I had the “hold 5 points” before I broke the 200 kill count. My guild-mate who had to do 23 pug-instances to get his did not think it fair at all.

  6. skarbd says:

    I actually found it a bloody good scenario. It kept things tight and therefore the tension high. It’s surprising how you can take a tanking and still win, as long as the other side forgets about the control points, which if they think they’re on a murderous rampage, they do.

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