Return to EVE

His body jolted upright, the return of conciousness proving too much of an experience for his body to remain still as the tumult of thoughts and sensations assailed his being, along with the last few moments of his life that occurred just moments ago. He immediately regretted the sudden movement, as cords painfully tugged at implanted ports along various parts of his body. He grew to dread his situation even more as the cold air of the room reacted with the gelatinous stasis sheath his body was wrapped in. Like a second skin of oily, wet flesh over his epidermis, his immediate instinct was to start tearing it away from his flesh.

His vision was still a bit blurry, and all that he could make out were lights and rough shapes everywhere he looked. He could tell he was in a half-pod of some sorts, like an old-world bathtub. His hands ran along chords from his body that eventually converged in the base of the structure, leading off to who knows where. As he went about tearing away more of the membrane, and reached the film covering his face, he found a series of small wires tracing back from a multitude of spots on his skull, each one held in place by the faux-skin. With a satisfying tug, the entirety of the covering about his face and head came away, slowly ripping apart from the rest of the membrane. With that tug, his vision started to instantly improve, and noises started to register, catching the attention of his sluggish thoughts. The gentle whir of a well oiled motor and the constant hum of electricity being fed into lights infused the air around him. Intermittent gushes he recognized as the release of pressurized air broke the auditory monotony.

It seemed to happen slowly, but each moment his memory was becoming more and more clear. With each breath of air he took, the fog seemed to be lifting away. He remembered the last few months of doggedly searching for clues and revelations about the unknown. Stars, faces, stations and ships all flitted through his memory with the speed of a flip book. Each image making no more of an impression than the faces of a crowd. But he remembered the goal, and more clearly, the pod.

Yes, the pod. He found out the reason he had instantly drawn so much attention on that first station was because he was recognized as a pod-pilot. As much for that, as for the oddity of his having not been in the pod when his small frigate docked at the station. The revelation of this reality changed his mission significantly, and opened up a universe of possibilities, and potential danger. The constraints that previously held him back where gone, he just required the fortitude to explore that reality. He was going to have to kill himself.

Gripping the edge of his medical tub, Ezekeil smiled in grim satisfaction at a successful task completed. From here, he had a lot of exploring to do.

Like I said in a post the other day, I re-upped my account for EVE as I’ve been having a major Sci-Fi itch of late, and this game satisfies a very needy part of my soul. I decided to make my home in low-sec as a complete nub. So far, I’ve been podded twice, both at the same spot while out missioning in deadspace.

For those unfamiliar, deadspace is like a quasi-instancing, but not really. Essentially, EVE is giant. Earth is a planet, it’s in a solar system around one star, that solar system is in a galaxy (a group of solar systems). In EVE that galaxy would be considered a “Region”. The EVE universe is composed of many “Regions”. Here’s a fairly simple 2-D map as an example. So, when you want to do a mission, the size of the universe is too much to just go out and fly to it, you warp and jumpgate instead. It’s usually a remote area, and the stuff there is created expressly for your mission, and will go away after ~2 hrs or so. No one will randomly bump into you at them.

It’s important that take note of the word randomly.

This is a PvP game. There are ways and methods of hunting people down. Probes can be launched to scan for players, and a good solo-ganking PvPer will probably be doing just that, and that’s what happened to me. He found me on his survey, swapped ships, and came to hunt me down. Sadly for him I don’t think he got much out of it. I fly super-cheep ships, with base-line fittings/gear. It’s the equivalent to getting pounced by a level 40 BW while playing a level 5 Magus. Still, it was cool to get podded and lose my cherry so to speak. I’ve been bloodied, so the worry and fear of the unknown is gone. That, and I make sure to always have a clone and my ship insured, so all it cost me was a little bit of time. Monetarily, I broke even.

So, I’ll be playing EVE off and on for the next month, but I’ll still be playing WAR as my primary. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with the fan fiction or not, I may return to journal entries, or remain with the narrative, it’s all up in the air. If you have feedback, give it, my skin is thick.

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  1. Aeo says:

    I like it. If I knew what you were on about I’d like it even more 🙂

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