Artist Spotlight: Brandon Young

This may or may not become a recurring theme here, we’ll see how diligent I can become in finding new artists that work in the gaming industry (or just that I like even, lets not set the bar too high for myself shall we?). However, thanks to a tweet from Andy Belford at Mythic, I found this very cool site called “Beautiful Grim“, and as I was browsing through the various highlighted contributors, I found this artist early on.

Brandon Young is an L.A. based professional whose talent ranges a fair gamut of mediums. His resume touts a history of professional work with digital art in video games and cinema, as well as a strong traditional background. His website (linked above) has some particularly stunning examples of his work. The image I show is what initially drew me to his site in a quest to find more pieces to browse and satisfy my pallet. His work trends toward a darker bent, without being gruesome or adolescent. His ink work in particular has a propensity for long, curling fronds, evicting a sinister or dreadful emotion from the viewer. His digital work is robust with vast, expansive landscapes covering a breadth of climates and situations. Clean lines, and a specificity of delivery are the predominant traits I find. The sketch work he displays, while far more limited in quantity, is a good cap to gallery.

Anyway, feel free to browse his website, or the Beautiful Grim site, and appease your esthetics.


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