The Trifecta!

Of posts that is. I had a fluff piece, a “serious gaming convention” piece, and now, the “News particular to my game du jour” piece. Today is a double-header on the last part though, with both the producer’s newsletter from Carrie, as well as the announced loading screen tip competition, with a video of us bloggers (which I can’t get to load here at work).

Go, read, watch, and be merry!

Tools for the Job

First, be prepared for some hefty linkage here, while I set the stage throughout the post to give reference to what I’m talking about.

I was reading a post at Syncaine’s where he was talking about SW:TOR, and the results that “calling” it an MMO will have. Right now, it’s too early for me to really comment on the validity of his statements. I don’t know how the gameplay will be, or how closely it will adhere to typical MMO conventions. The short and long of it(or TLDR version for the internet lingo), as Syncaine puts it, is that the game is going to be more akin to an online, co-op single player RPG and that the MMO crowd will not receive that well. If the game is released like that, and lacking in an end-game method of progression, there very well may be problems. However, we don’t know for sure that’s the case.

That said, I want to gloss over that post and get to the heart of what I’m talking about here. Sid 6.7, of Serial Ganker, made a comment, or an observational statement to be more accurate, about how the focus of SW:TOR (story) could be used to further its primary goal. He then went on to make a post of his own about it, explaining in a bit more detail what he thinks should be available to developers of the game post lauch. His statement, and post, struck me as particularly interesting based on what I know of the game engine being used.

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Artist Spotlight: Brandon Young

This may or may not become a recurring theme here, we’ll see how diligent I can become in finding new artists that work in the gaming industry (or just that I like even, lets not set the bar too high for myself shall we?). However, thanks to a tweet from Andy Belford at Mythic, I found this very cool site called “Beautiful Grim“, and as I was browsing through the various highlighted contributors, I found this artist early on.

Brandon Young is an L.A. based professional whose talent ranges a fair gamut of mediums. His resume touts a history of professional work with digital art in video games and cinema, as well as a strong traditional background. His website (linked above) has some particularly stunning examples of his work. The image I show is what initially drew me to his site in a quest to find more pieces to browse and satisfy my pallet. His work trends toward a darker bent, without being gruesome or adolescent. His ink work in particular has a propensity for long, curling fronds, evicting a sinister or dreadful emotion from the viewer. His digital work is robust with vast, expansive landscapes covering a breadth of climates and situations. Clean lines, and a specificity of delivery are the predominant traits I find. The sketch work he displays, while far more limited in quantity, is a good cap to gallery.

Anyway, feel free to browse his website, or the Beautiful Grim site, and appease your esthetics.