So, I finally did it

I spec’d my Shadow Warrior to Scout.

I hate that I did. I really do, I’ve adamantly avoided the spec because I don’t like the feel of the game play. Admittedly, it’s slightly better with a 1 second cast time on Eagle Eye, so my mobility stays pretty high, but I really REALLY miss playing as a skirmish/assault mix. Being a short-range to melee play style, weaving in and out, is just so much fun. However, scout is just as (if not more) lethal AND I never die. I was checking out my RvR Stats Improved mod after a handful of scenarios, and the results were stupid. 85 kills, 32 deathblows, zero deaths. I went off and tried to take a scenario objective from a Choppa and a WE by myself, just so I didn’t forget what it meant to be a SW.

Despite my soul’s chill grip trying to clench it’s cold-dead fingers around my throat in response to this, I’m going to try to stick it out a bit longer, and find out how I can optimize this path the most. A big downside to the specialization is that my 3 dots all require me to be in a much closer range than I want to be as a scout, about 80 feet. I’m playing around with the idea of using a spec like this, but I’m mostly worried about AP management. I have about 17% crit chance with a liniment, and that’s a bit low, when I get to RR70, I can push that up to 23% chance, which I’ll be a lot more comfortable with, so I may try that build out in one and a half ranks. On the other hand, I don’t know if that’s the route I want to take, as Festering Arrow and Flame Arrow are both non-physical damage, and don’t use my new sword to it’s fullest potential (if it procs). I also don’t like the idea of using one tactic to buff a single ability, which that build has two of (No Quarter and Smoldering Arrows). Tactics, in general, need to provide a more robust bonus across the board over a specific single issue.

Additionally, I’m mulling over my itemization choices as it pertains to my talismans. If I decide to stick it out with scout, I’m running around with about 1015 ballistic skill in Scout stance (945 in any other stance). It might be worthwhile to swap out some BS talismans for some WS (weapon skill) ones to increase my armor penetration. I have BS talismans in 6 of my pieces of gear, swapping all of them would cause about a 135 point swing, dropping my BS to 880/800 in scout/other, but my WS to about 435 or so in scout. If that was the case, it might be worth it to stick closer to my original spec, only to include Masterful Aim and push my BS back up to the cap. It’s a tricky game of balance, and I’m afraid of going to far into the glass-cannon build. As is, my toughness is a bit lower than I usually like, but my +RDPS is around 245 or so, which is the highest I’ve ever seen it.

The long and short of it is, I’m playing a specialization on him now, that I don’t really want to play, because there is no other viable option. It makes me sad, but I am not a fan of denying reality, and I’m nothing if not practical.

Also, I got my prizes from Mythic to give out, I will be making a short video to announce the first contest over the weeked. To all my readers in the states: have a great Memorial Day weekend, I’ll be grilling out with the rest of the country.


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8 Responses to So, I finally did it

  1. keaven says:

    I tend to always fall into the glass-cannon trap :\ To add insult to injury, I gravitate towards the RDPS and support classes, but then I charge into the thick of battle after an initial volley (/leroyjenkis). It’s quite sad when you look at my stats… but I’ll tell you one thing, no matter how often I die like that, I’m still having one hell of a fun time 😀

    it’s also another reason why i don’t group often – as a support class i’m more cautious if i’m in a group, since they’re depending on my support, but as RDPS i’m just too unpredictable 😛 heh

    • shadowwar says:

      Yeah, I’ve picked up a lot of bad habits as well since I started playing my Knight most of the time. Being clad in thick armor, and the enemy required to bring a minimum of three dedicated DPS careers to kill me fogs my mind with delusions of survivability on my SW.

      • Steven says:

        I have the tendency to charge in as well. In my defense, it’s usually to try and save an over-extender. And that’s about the time I start yelling “Oh dear god, no!” repeatedly. Then I punt/Detaunt/cry myself to sleep.

        PS – That’s the sexiest bullet bite ever.

      • shadowwar says:

        I’m like Justin Timberlake, I’m bringing sexy back.

        “But where did it go?” – Best SNL skit ever.

  2. skarbd says:

    Your image use within your posts are excellent.

    • Erbse says:

      Yup, makes one wonder where he finds it. Probably browses Deviantart all day long ;D

      As far the Weapon Skill question is concerned, considering using 3 pieces of Conqueror for the 66WS set bonus along with 3 DP for the crit. You’ll be a bit short on wounds, but it should work itself out. Alternatively tinker around with Bulls Eye and 5pc Warlord.

      • shadowwar says:

        My google-fu is strong. I blog mostly from work, and deviantart is kinda-sorta quasi-blocked (it works weird at times, I don’t know).

        I’ll tinker around with the armor sets, it will be a lot better when I hit RR70 and can wear more of the warlord suit w/o hurting my HP too badly. I sit at around 8200 HP after a liniment right now, so I have a little play.

  3. Shineobi says:

    Flame Arrow is really buggy so Smoldering Arrow goes to waste most of the time. I personally don’t use NO Quarter in my Scout build because I always have Leading Shots slotted.

    The sweet spot for weaponskill is 500 as that combined with AA will get through most squishy players armor. Now I am not sure if the sword armor debuff still stacks or not but if they stack then all the better.

    Though since your crit is so low you might want to mess around with instinctive aim as for dps burt your Festering Arrow criting usually results in a victory.

    p.s. I am working on this sick bunny hop that allows for my Festering Arrow and Fell of the Weak to hit at the same time :).

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