So, I finally did it

I spec’d my Shadow Warrior to Scout.

I hate that I did. I really do, I’ve adamantly avoided the spec because I don’t like the feel of the game play. Admittedly, it’s slightly better with a 1 second cast time on Eagle Eye, so my mobility stays pretty high, but I really REALLY miss playing as a skirmish/assault mix. Being a short-range to melee play style, weaving in and out, is just so much fun. However, scout is just as (if not more) lethal AND I never die. I was checking out my RvR Stats Improved mod after a handful of scenarios, and the results were stupid. 85 kills, 32 deathblows, zero deaths. I went off and tried to take a scenario objective from a Choppa and a WE by myself, just so I didn’t forget what it meant to be a SW.

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