Weekend at T’char’zanek’s

With the very prominent release of the city changes this weekend, and the reality of the frequency of pushes, my guild and I really got to run the new systems through the paces. Overall, I love the new system. It’s fun, entertaining, it goes by incredibly quick if the opposition is lopsided, and you can turn around to do another instance immediately after for fun and a bit of profit. A good time was had by all. It doesn’t change the nature of the game entirely, and people aren’t going to be clamoring to do the city for the thrill of it, but I don’t think it’s going to induce the mass exodus to alts or real life stuff that the old city used to. It’s the right amount of fun to keep players engaged, with the right amount of guaranteed rewards to keep the progression moving along.

There were a few surprises of things I may have missed during testing, last-minute changes that I didn’t stick in the memory banks. For instance, losing an instance no longer gives a lock-out. So, if you are stuck losing over and over again, you still have a chance later on to roll for loot in a win. So keep on trying! This proved to be highly profitable for my Shadow Warrior, who was lucky enough to win a ridiculously good sword from a purple bag in stage 2. Evidence of hawtness  can be seen immediately to the right. All that, and around 13k renown, and a handful of each crests for each instance I do, and I can’t complain even a little bit. The city is almost entirely bug free, to which I will claim sole-responsibility for as a core tester. I did it all, those developers just want you to think they do the hard work.

So a fun and rewarding weekend spent inside of The Inevitable City. Okay, ONCE in Altdorf, but if you play on Gorfang, you know that already. Destro wouldn’t give up their weekend morning city push for anything. I was actually surprised, since they can get the loot on defense, I figured they would have just slept in and let it happen, but organization is good to keep up, and I’m sure they want to keep at it just so they can stay on their toes.

I promised you a video last week, and I deliver. It’s not long, but it shows you a bit of stage 1, with the dragon and a surprise, followed by Stage 3, with me as a champion, enjoying my actions be a constant ward check. Wish that was the case all the time. The song is an oldie but a goodie, on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Presents Album, disc 1, it’s the Quiver mix of Led Zeppelin’s Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, enjoy!

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12 Responses to Weekend at T’char’zanek’s

  1. Erbse says:

    You Sir, have what belongs to me. I do not approve 😡

    I still haven’t bothered going to a city yet, is there a way to Opt. Out of specific brackets? I wouldn’t want to win a Gold Stage II or III bag due to it being Warlord and Sovereign rather than what I’m looking for. All I’d want would be the purples.

    Masterloot possible (bagtrades)?

    • shadowwar says:

      I was hoping you would be around for me to link it for you, I know you crave that weapon.

      As grminir said, no master-looting, no opting out of gold bags. I just go real lucky and pulled this out of a purple during stage 2, which is only ~3 day lockout. Between that sword and my recent sandstorm warbow, I have virtually zero desire to grind out SCs for the weapons. I guess the royal one is kinda-sorta better, but no sword will ever top that.

      • Erbse says:

        Yep, even the Shadow Blade doesn’t get top’ed by the SC swords.. There’s the Blade of Harmony still (palace Elf 1H) providing 25 str, 2x Wounds and 25WS with a 880 debuff rather than 800 and 66 DPS rather than 63. Both are very viable options, while the Harmony offers less DPS for oneself it’s additional 2% damage for everyone using physical attacks over the Shadow Blade / Hallowed Memories.

        You won’t get around the RvR RR75 Bow eventually unless you get lucky enough to pick the Warbow of Storms on your way to 75, but yes, the incentive for a SW to grind those weapons is almost non existent, definitely for those that bothered with Warhammer’s mechanic 101’s.

        Guess I’ll try to get myself into some cities, maybe even become a champ and Lileath my way to victory 😀

      • shadowwar says:

        Is “Warbow of Storms” different from the “Warbow of the Sandstorm” (55 DPS, 2.8 spd, 3% ranged crit, +38BS, +33 range power)? Because that’s what I’m using.

      • Erbse says:

        Warbow (and Longbow) of Storms are the 66DPS palace bows. Longbow of Storms has a bleed Proc I think, and the Warbow a 5% Boost proc increasing crit by 9% and Crit damage by 18% (!!) – as Skirmish SW it’s obvious which of the two you’ll want.

        Scout SWs are likely to go with the RvR Bow regardless.

        Both bows I think are on WarDB, the Blade of Harmony is not however.

        Knowing how those bows came from the 4 Palace heroes I assume you now have to get lucky with Stage III purples, but I heard of armor pieces being in there :S

      • shadowwar says:

        The purple item that comes in the purple bags is random. Those weapons are most likely in there from stage 3. I won’t be 100% certain about it, until I see it, but I believe they probably are. Glad to have MORE of a reason to try and be successful on my SW in the new city.

      • Erbse says:

        If you want to check them all out live, I have the Warbow of Storms (still the only one on Gorfang to my knowledge).

        Tuffett and Finroir have the Longbow of Storms.

        You’re probably the only one to have the Falcata of Hallowed Memories at this point.

        Ekaslime has the Blade of Harmony (the only one on a SW, afaik), ironically from a run I skipped out on due to many people in vent causing me a headache. It COULD have been mine ;P

  2. Grimnir says:

    No masterlooting, no opting out of gold bags. 5 day lockout D=

    That’s a damn nice sword yo.

  3. Artiee says:

    Just like any PQ, you should be able to opt out of bags by closing the PQ Chest icon. You will still get the lockout of your side wins the stage.

    • shadowwar says:

      I think he means gold bags specifically. They are useless to him. It’s much like the old city, where people didn’t need the gold bags for the invader gear but DESPERATELY wanted the purple bags for the jewelry pieces.

  4. Wasdstomp says:

    I am pretty sure you can click on the chest, and opt out of rolls in the city. I did it on accident, but clicked again to put it back.

    I did hear if you roll than you get a lockout even if you win a bag or not. If you opt out than you don’t, and can try to win one next time.

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