It’s alive!

I got to do my first instance of the new city siege yesterday on Gorfang. It was the first for our server if my sources are correct, and my guild had a good time. It wasn’t particularly challenging for us, on which I partially blame myself. We faced off against uncoordinated groups who hadn’t done this before, compared to our 12 members, led by myself and another player who was in the closed testing. We won handily all three stages, and I even got to be a champion, which was very cool. That said, the BEST experience of the night was finding out what the fix was to stop the punting from the bride outside the The Inevitable City’s palace gates. The trampoline feature was a glorious amount of fun. I took some video and some screenshots that I will try to compile this weekend. Like for real this time.

So, the patch is live, and kicking, and working almost flawlessly. Cities are being pillaged, players are learning the ropes, and the reception seems to be positive on almost all accounts. Despite the expected server-downtime hiccups that no one but a few players are really surprised or demoralized over. Europe wisely waited 24 hours to deploy their changes and let us Yanks beta test it for them (one of the few advantages of GOA service), so I hope you guys get to smash face today and have the same fun we did.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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6 Responses to It’s alive!

  1. Was I against you guys? Because all I remember was peeking out and then getting slapped in the face by order lol

  2. Eatr says:

    I had a good time the first time around. The second time I went in I took an alt. It ended up being a full 24 man guild premade vs my pug. At the end of the first stage we had 0 kills. Lesson learned.

    • shadowwar says:

      Yeah, nothing about the current invasion mechanics change the reality of the advantages brought from organization.

  3. Teamwork surmounts everything else. Pug spanking may well become an olympic sport. I’m looking forward to my 1st spanking!!! Mmmmm maybe not the place to post that.

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