Rock that city

1.3.5 is coming today. In fact, servers come down not 16 minutes from the time that I am writing this. If you follow the second link to the herald post, you’ll see a nice splash page that goes over the broad ideas of what this patch is brining and some neat screen captures from the game as it relates. Follow the first link to the notes themselves for a far more in-depth explanation of all the changes coming, and this patch is a beast of an update, coming in at 10,124 words. Yeah, reading it all will take you some time, so I’ll try to hit the highlights.

  • Inventory overhaul – lots of space added and less restrictive in availability
  • Combat highlighting – Flash red or green when damaged or healed respectively.
  • “Fixed numerous damage reduction abilities to reduce damage multiplicatively rather than additively.” – That makes me happy in  the pants, it means 1001 Dark Blessings won’t be WTF ridiculous anymore.
  • Auto-attack haste – you should know these changes by now. Fixing math FTW.
  • BW/Sorc changes to SE/SP – Makes me a bit sad they went through with it in the manner they did. I don’t think it accurately addresses the issues they were looking to correct, and instead just gave the classes 5 free PBAoE attacks when out of AP.
  • NPCs in the two cities have completely been re-organized. Beware the red plague.
  • 7th Boss in ToVL got a complete overhaul – bit easy now from what I can tell.
  • Purging has been revamped. You will no longer be able to purge solo, lockout timers apply accurately.
  • ORvR currency has been mirrored to be more similar to scenario currency, including conversions
  • No more renown from lower tiers than you belong in.
  • Armor dye updates for a few classes in the first go through. Greater color fidelity will be coming your way shortly!
  • The city changes! You should know all about these. We’ve been testing for WEEKS now, and it has been a blast. I hope that people everywhere will be slaughting the enemy by the hundreds tonight to experience this.

Anyway, check them out for yourself. I woke up ill this morning and am muscling my way through work right now. Go read, be informed, and then go play your hearts out!


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8 Responses to Rock that city

  1. Wasdstomp says:

    I never thought of it that way about the SE nerf. I guess it is 5 free SE spells for free when at 100 combustion if you are out of AP.

    I am sure they are not done nerfing bomb groups. I expect something to Flamebreath to prevent combustion building, and the 0 AP on SE won’t last.

  2. zizlak says:

    Yep..SE is not really being nerfed by the way Mythic did it.

    Bombing will get nerfed for sure, but I wished that they just adjusted the stacking of bombing-spells and not the damage from the spells themselves. Worked with Napalm and Rain of Fire..why not for SE?

  3. Readda says:

    It’s a really possitive patch. Lots of (long overdue) fixes, and actual new content.

  4. Kesarin says:

    For BW’s and sorcs that actually know what they’re doing as far as bombing, this isn’t anywhere near a nerf. This is only a nerf for bomb groups that weren’t that good to start with.

    I’m pretty happy about the taking away of renown in lower tiers. No more 40’s running up a hill in Nordland for freenown.

    • shadowwar says:

      I whole-heartedly agree.

      • Kesarin says:

        If they’d really wanted to nerf SE/SP, they should have put it on a 5 second (or being really stringent, 10 second) cooldown. That might have been a bit closer to a nerf.

        Is it bad that the thing I’m most excited about (after the city changes of course) is the dye update for my archmage?

      • shadowwar says:

        First thing I did in the little bit I got to play yesterday was re-dye my Shadow Warrior. So no, I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

        As for the SE/SP thing. I still think the better choice would have been to put a 1.5 second cast time on them.

  5. Helldorf says:

    Servers are back up

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