I entirely missed out on Khaine’s Embrace for the weekend. The whole family thing put a complete, screaching halt to any gaming, and I missed out on what is probably one of the best SCs in game. Mythic, do a blogger a favor and bring it back real soon please. I don’t want to bottle my tears and send them to you for proof of how bummed I am about missing this.

Also, in a rare moment of disagreement, I have to say no, the map does NOT look like a Down’s Syndrome Dinosaur. Between Khaine’s Embrace, and Lost Temple of Isha, I think that Mythic has a healthy appreciation for the female reproductive system.

Just saying.

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Family forcibly supresses violent urges

I’m back from my extended weeklong family extravaganza! My mom showed up on our doorstep on Thursday night, and then my sister did the same with her husband in tow at in the evening of  Saturday. It was enjoyable to see them all again, and for my daughter to experience Grandma for the first time. Mid-day of Monday though,  my fingers were twitching a bit for want of violence and face-crushing PvP action. I sadly missed out on all of Khaine’s Embrace weekend, and hope that it will be back sometime in the near future. Right now, I’m sure I have a lot of reading to do, to play catch-up on what went down over the weekend, on twitter, the forums, and my blogger-in-arms compatriots. So, back to our regular scheduled programming, I’ll be talking with you shortly.