See you on Tuesday!

My mother is coming into town today to finally meet her granddaughter, and will be here through Tuesday morning. So that said, please go visit these highly entertaining blogs and posts in particular, as I will not be here to entertain you slave-drivers until then. I’m breaking my chains and running free! Catch me if you can sucka’s!

  • Werit finishes his series on the 1.3.5 changes. One change he’s not too stoked about, guess which!
  • Tyanon’s awesome 6v6 tournies are going strong, and he’s trying to make it self-perpetuating.
  • Aeo at Bluring Shock talks about escalation, arms races, and optimization of tools in WAR.
  • Erbse predicts a shift in power with the new patch. Also, officially, congrats on 80!
  • Krossus gives trolls a message, play or shut up!
  • Kruel talks about the big offenders in the game. Abilities that is, he even names one of his own! Shocker!
  • BeHive at Super Effective posts a guide to Lost Vale, but I stopped reading at the three-titted chick from Total Recall.
  • Tarelther makes proper usage of POG-terminology.
  • Skar ponders Skaven uprisings and the problems with a large, sudden influx of returning players.
  • Grimnir gives his experience of the city, right fine action it seems to have been too.

Enjoy everyone, and I’ll catch you on the come-around!


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