Tonight, tonight!

Tonight, good people, you get your first look at the city changes. The public is being allowed in to stomp around the new end-game instances and feel what it’s like to destroy the competition in a true battle that relies on you and 23 of your closest minions. So, make sure you get ready by copying your characters over now, while it’s still easy and there won’t be any wait. Load the server to bursting with your presence, and rampage through enemy territory in some of the most fun you may ever have. Stick around after for the Q&A session with Nate Levy, Carrie Gouskos and other potential guests, with Andy Belford playing the role of ringmaster.

Get your test on!


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2 Responses to Tonight, tonight!

  1. spuxy says:

    While I do enjoy Mythic starting to take a look at their game as a ‘whole’, instead of just bit by bit, I cannot bring myself to resubscribe juuuust yet…

    If we got some class balance in 1.3.6, oh the joy to everyone! I know of several people who’d resubscribe instantly if say the subpar classes got a look at.

    But still, 1.3.5 will definetly be a major one for WAR’s patch history!

    • shadowwar says:

      The historical significance of 1.3.5 is true for sure. That said, class balance is better now than it has ever been. Some classes are still underperforming and some are overperforming. The two realms however, are almost spot-on perfect.

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