GW brings the law

I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t understand the fullness of this.

What it boils down to from other people’s reports, is that Games Workshop is bring a suit against Curse, Inc. as it relates to their Warhammer Alliance site. I’ve been a long time member of WHA (December 2006), but I admit, as things go in regards to legality, I have no idea what all of this about.

If anyone out there is more inclined to read and interpret this, then report back, that’d be aces. All I know is that GW is opposed to the website for domain camping, and being difficult to get a hold of.


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5 Responses to GW brings the law

  1. Jestor says:

    This has been happening with Games Workshop for years. After a couple of well known fan sites for the miniature game were shut down, a popular news site ( got hold of an IP lawyer to get some questions answered. Some of them do jnot pertain to this situation but a couple of them might answer what people are wondering –

  2. Arisechicken says:

    My interpretation:

    A. GW believes WHA is acting deceptive by appearing to be aligned with the actual Warhammer trademark holders without providing adequate contact info, and

    B. WHA is collecting revenue from ads on a site marketed under the Warhammer name, so they are capitalizing off of Warhammer though they technically have no rights to the brand itself.

    I am not a lawyer, I just play one on TV.

  3. Wasdstomp says:

    Don’t take the law into your own hands, take them to People’s Court.

  4. spuxy says:

    I would see this as a few things going on;

    A) GamesWorkshop is being greedy and are trying to take control of WHA to ensure their control of the fans.

    B) This is merely a matter of settling new agreements and arrangements.

    C) Curse did indeed do something to set this delicate existance off-balance through ads & premium content.

    Don’t wish to continue further commenting as personal feelings may warp whatever speculations there may be.

  5. shadowwar says:

    Having read up on this some more, and had a bit of time to reflect upon it, I’ve come to a bit of a conclusion:

    This is the business/legal version of saying, “We need to work something out.”

    First, we need to understand, WHA is no longer a “fan” site. It’s a part of Curse. Curse is a gaming company with services and subscriptions for better services. It’s about turning a profit, and generating revenue. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s still staffed and run by fans for the most part, who probably do a lot of their work for little to no pay (Charlotte can speak up here if allowed).

    Now, back when Shelby (aka Garthilk – the founder) ran the site, he had an agreement with Games Workshop on a proper disclaimer. However, when ownership transfered, agreements and working allowances do not. If I make a deal with you, that deal doesn’t necessarily continue w/ your offpsring if you pass away.

    GW is known for bringing lawsuits of this type for a couple reasons.
    It gets attention – A suit telling you to stop what you’re doing is a major flag in your face.
    It gets things started – They let the offender know they are aware of their actions, and are not happy with it. Lets talk!
    It strengthens their IP – Inellectual Property law is a tricksome bitch (or so everyone tells me). It’s all about precedent, and if someone can show that you let your IP knowingly be used elsewhere under a similar situation, you kind of lose the right to exert control. And GW loves their control.

    I’ve never been a GW fanboy, or a hater really. It’s a company, and as much as I dislike the prices of some of their stuff, I accept it. This situation with WHA, to me, seems more like GW is going to want to work out a deal with them to let them keep going, but under GW’s terms. It’s their logos, their ideas, their name, so they get to decide.

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