Who will you choose?

As you should all be aware of by now, the newest producer’s letter has hit the shelves. The frenzy to pull it down and consume it in one giant gulp has gripped the community. It’s mostly a rehashing of the 1.3.5 patch that is coming, and a reaffirmation of the city changes, and what a benefit this is going to be. Carrie touches lightly on some other aspects, like playtesting, Q&As, future blogger round-tables (good luck you guys!), and even some face time with the Euro players (they get lovin’ too!). However, without question, the biggest piece of information that the populace is latching onto with the tenacity of the pit bull, is her final paragraph. One sentence in particular actually.

“By 1.3.6 players will have the capability to play as both Order and Destruction on the same server.”

Yes, that’s right, you can play on the same server as both sides. Like most things that bring a big shift in the current equilibrium, this has proven to be a very polarized proclamation. For me, I don’t see it being a huge negative, and it has some potential for positives. I love the community I primarily play on. Gorfang is a great server, with lots of strong personalities, and competitions that have been a long-time making. Plus, it’s comfortable. I know who everyone, I know who the guilds are, I recognize people and how server plays. It fits me. It’s probably the biggest thing that keeps me from playing my destro on Iron Rock more frequently. It’s too foreign to me now that I haven’t been playing it every day for the last year.

For me, this is good. This makes me happy. I get to stick with my home server. I know that a LOT of people on Gorfang have been rerolling on new accounts, or just going to other servers to play destro, because they are THAT sick of being on the insanely dominant side. If I get to do the same thing in the future, that’s great. The biggest trick of this entire deal is going to be the lockout timer.

If it’s too short, it won’t matter, people can hop from side to side at a whim, with no impact on their play. If Destro suddenly decides to come out and play today, they can hop over and zerg-surf to 80 and full sovereign in empty city instances, and do the same tomorrow if Order does it. If it’s too long, people won’t make use of it. So, the crux of the entire problem lies in timing.

The answer to the problem: 144 hours. That’s six days.

The reason? The final lockout for sovereign gear is 68 hours, just shy of 3 days. This lockout timer is short enough, that you can do it multiple times per billing cycle (5 times), and long enough, that you’ll think about it seriously before using it. It also ensures that you’ll most likely see at least two city siege attempts where you can gain loot. I don’t want people to be able to hop back and forth without some type of greater investment of SOMETHING to let them do this. It’s an easy enough work-around as-is by purchasing  a second account. If someone wants to sped $15 a month extra, then that’s their decision, but they will be paying for the freedom that allows. Some things need to be restrictive to generate value, and in this case, that value is freedom of play and loyalty to one realm.

I will end with two messages. Firstly, I hope they allow character transfers from other servers or accounts so you can consolidate all your characters to one location if you want. I expect they will from servers, but would be more surprised if they do so with accounts. Secondly, I hope my guild decides to roll some destro to smash face on Gorfang, it could be a hell of a lot of fun.

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5 Responses to Who will you choose?

  1. Perle says:

    I also hope they allow us to consolidate characters onto one server (ie destro and order on the same server). I also think six days is a good timeframe for a lockout.

  2. Wasdstomp says:

    I doubt it will even be a few hours myself. I could be proved wrong, but in DAoC when they implemented it they had the lockout at one hour.

  3. Erbse says:

    Personally, I’d consider anything beneath 7-14 days lockout as a game breaker / ruiner.

  4. Jomu says:

    not really liking this concept.. being able to have different factions on the same server, even with lockouts.. I think it needs to be much longer.. well atleast I have an idea for a near-future entry 😉

  5. Tenki81 says:

    I’ll give you insight on how the lockout timer thing for switching sides was like in DAoC.

    #1 – Killed Realm Pride by letting the people that wanted to be on the winning side just flip.

    #2 – The Lockout with switching kept getting smaller and smaller over time to the point where it because no lockout at all.

    These two things is really what killed DAoC. Granted yes the game was loosing people, but not because of gameplay, but rather because of new MMOs that were coming out and such. So I’m against this idea of allowing idea of playing both sides on the same server because eventually people will complain that the lockout is too long and they will shorten it down to where its meaningless.

    Tenki81 – Twitter

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