Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I hope so, otherwise, this multi-day sickness of the lungs I’ve had may have been for naught. I’m back, mostly healthy. I’m only spitting up small chunks of phlegmy chunks of yellowish-green mucous. Mmmm…visuals. So, if you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting, that’s why. I’ve been playing some, sleeping a lot, and the energy to be creative and insightful was about as hard to get a firm grip on as the whole inhale/exhale thing was for the time period. But nevermind me, and the boring “who-gives-a-flying-fuck” details of my life, let’s talk about WAR.

I’m in a bullet-point mood, so here’s some of the latest tidbits of info out there that you may be interested in:

  • Yesterday, Andy (@Andy_Mythic) announced that Warpstone would be up for a stability test.
    • I hope all of you went, and took lots of notes. I didn’t get to go, mixture of date confusion induced by lack of oxygen, and actually getting to ORvR some last night – shocker!
  • Andy tweeted that he was editing a producer’s letter!
  • Keaven Freeman (@keaven) got his very own developer diary.
    • We all couldn’t be more proud. It’s good stuff, and his photo looks like he’s scheming. Just sayin’.
  • Werit has been going video crazy. For community. For dungeon testing.
  • Gaarawarr finally puts up his last interview post.
    • But we can forgive him, he seems to have transcribed the whole damn thing. Go you, you damn over-achievers.
  • Mykiel, at PODCAST, had technical difficulties with the recording stream he did of the city testing. He’s waiting on a response.
  • There is a focused discussion for the first night of city testing that happened on Tuesday.
    • Head over there if you’re curious.
  • New WAR Blog.
  • New WAR Blog.
  • New WAR Blog.
  • New WAR Blog.

That’s a lot of info, so take your time and read through it all. I don’t have much to talk about on a first-hand experience. The populace of my home server has swelled, with thanks to the double EXP/Renown I believe. Destro is making a rising again, which couldn’t make me happier. My Witch Elf is coming along, almost done with tier 1. I really am going to make a video of her soon, I’ve been taking screenshots and short clips, I just want to wait till I get my second scenario dagger. Outside of her, I have two other side projects I am working on. One is a bit of a secret, the other is a Warrior Priest doing butchering. So, I’ll have plenty to talk about is it pertains to that in the near future. Have a great weekend everyone!


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One Response to Absence makes the heart grow fonder

  1. Ysharros says:

    Ouch! Good that you’re better though. 😀

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