When did this happen exactly?

It seems like the insult of the day is “elitist”. The cry of every player who does not like a statement, attitude, or expression is called down for being “an elitist snob”.  I don’t understand it. In large part, my confusion comes from the fact that most of the time, the player being “insulted” is expressing a base concept of competition, and a desire for a level of competence acceptable to them. However, the current trend seems to be that “casual” is the prefered play style, and if you’re not doing that way, you’re doing it wrong!

I’ll be the first to admit that jack-asses can be found across all spectrums of player types. From the super-casual to the ultra-hardcore. The first kind is probably far less likely to make an appearance due to their general lack of time spent interacting with the community, but in-game, they can still be found. But the “term” elitist doesn’t necessarily have to be inextricably tied to “hardcore” does it?

It seems as if whenever I do see someone being called an “elitist” it’s because they are reinforcing and advocating their style of play and the quality they strive for. If a guild says, “Sorry, we’re not taking any more Shadow Warriors.” they’ll get called out for being jerks. The reality is, this is a competitive game, and people taking winning seriously. Just as in sports, who you recruit to the team has an impact on your level of success. Should the White Sox (okay, maybe a bad example) start recruiting fresh out of highschool players for every major position? Or do you take someone proven to fulfill a specific role in the organization?

I don’t know, I guess I don’t understand the animosity that seems to be directed in general towards gamers who spend a lot more time and invest a lot more concern into their gaming. I’ve had to take a significantly more casual approach to my gameplay since my daughter was born, and I don’t harbor animus towards those who can play every day, for eight hours a day. I also don’t have a sense of entitle towards participation in various activities in game, or towards loot acquisition. I may get frustrated if I lose repeatedly, but it’s the frustration at myself for losing, not at the other person for winning. That may be the real differential.

People get angry at “elitists” for their success. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me.

Bah, I feel like shit, so this was probably uber-rambly.


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7 Responses to When did this happen exactly?

  1. theerivs says:

    Pure Jealousy, most people don’t have the time to put into what it takes to be “Elite”, what people fail to realize though you can become competitive by just researching, and invest a little bit of time. You may not be “Elite” but you will be decent enough where people respect you.

    • shadowwar says:

      Kind of what I thought.

      On another note: spending a day in the office with your lung on your keyboard sucks.

  2. Kesarin says:

    I think it’s a little bit jealousy, and a little bit about the people who disparage “elitists” trying to make themselves feel superior. How many times have we heard jokes about the stereotypical “l33t gamer” who lives in his mom’s basement, has no job/S.O./money/life, is a fat slob/unattractive/smelly, or is called a mouthbreather or something like it?

    It’s all about breaking others down so that you can feel better about yourself, even if you’re jealous of what the “elitist” has.

  3. krosuss says:

    Can’t agree more on the jealousy comment. I envy many who have so much more time than I to play games. I try to make the most of my play time and some nights I excel … while others I stink.

    In the end it’s all about having fun.

  4. Perle says:

    “If a guild says, “Sorry, we’re not taking any more Shadow Warriors.” they’ll get called out for being jerks.”

    This really speaks to me, and I’m not sure if it was intentional or not. FOTF got flamed on the boards for telling a Shadow Warrior (who is a really nice guy but initially said he wanted to play his AM) that we had no place for him in the guild. Rather than tell him “sure you can be in guild but you won’t ever get a group” we mutually agreed to part ways. But the drama on the forums and the blogs, even the SW was surprised and upset.

    Regarding the elitist thing, I try not to be insulted when I am called an elitist. To me “elitist” means I have standards and I try to win. But I also try to do what’s best for the realm. Of course, I work so much now that it’s been quite some time since I’ve been called an elitist :p

  5. Erbse says:

    Being elitist isn’t really the core problem, but the lack humbleness or other attitude problems that are attached to it. Wanting to win is merely a >>different<< mindset, not a mindset that makes you better, let alone superior, however, many people on both sides (the non-elitists, and elitists) are too stupid to grasp something that simple 😉

  6. Anromir says:

    “Elitist” is just a pejorative used to label someone who thinks they are better than the speaker, for whatever reason. Most hardcore players, in my experience, do think they are better for being hardcore, or deserve some kind of special consideration from the game developers/producers. Or the contrapositive of *not* giving any consideration to those who are *not* hardcore.

    When I play and get frustrated, it really isn’t ever at other players. I usually feel frustrated by the construct of the game. For example, Nordenwatch pisses me off. I’ve played it both as Order and Destruction, and it is much easier/faster for Order to get to the Barracks than it is for Destro to get to the Lighthouse. Destro has no quick access to the Order who are camping on the bridge next to the Fortress, but Order can jump down the cliffs and get into Destro’s back lines easily. It does not ruin the scenario entirely, but I have been in matches there where it has made a difference.

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