1.3.5 and Bonuses (Bonusi?)

As I’m sure you saw on the herald, 1.3.5 is now on the test server. The patch notes have been released. And people are slobbering over the new 100% bonus to RR and Exp from the apology. My plans to cool my heals on my Order characters have been officially postponed. My guild leader talked to me yesterday about my frustration and it gave me an ear to vent to a bit at least. I still want to play my Blackguard some more, but getting my Knight to 80 is the primary goal, and this bonus is going to help make a big dent in that.

With that out-of-the-way, here are my thoughts on the patch.

AFK Changes: 3 minutes then you’re out of there. It’s good, maybe not drastic enough, but a good balanced approach that should help with a lot of people who go AFK.

General Bug Fixes and changes: Most people probably won’t give a rats ass about a lot of this stuff, as it’s mostly polish and cleaning up, until they see the last two points. Being able to change heraldry and banner tactics will make a lot of people very happy. Still, every time something is refined or fixed, it’s one less thing in-game that I don’t have to forcibly ignore, and that takes a unconcious toll on your enjoyability.

Combat & Careers: The long talked about AA haste fix is coming in. Love it or hate, it’s coming. I like it, even if it does make me very sad for my BG and DoK, it means better itemization down the road. Haste talismans purchased with medallions maybe? As for individual careers, there’s not too much that gets me fired up that I wasn’t already aware of or talked about (mmm SW/SH armor bug fix!). Engineers got some lovin’. This wasn’t a C&C patch though, so I wasn’t expecting anything drastic.

Content: Beware the red plague. Who brought the red plague again? I’m just asking. You know? ToVL adjustments are nice, I think. I’m not so intimately familiar with it that I know for sure.

Items: Ahhh, currency change. Currently a topic of much debate and consternation in every forum corner. I’ll say this: Anything below the current set you’re working on should be broken down into officers for maximum medallion gain. I don’t see any talk about increasing medallion drop rates, but we know that the Conqueror Crests will convert on a 1:1 basis down now. So, break those invaders while you can! There has also been a loosening of restrictions on gear across the board it seems, which should help in leveling and equipping alts/new characters. A lot of the things that Carrie talked about with us seems to be coming about.

City Siege: We’ve been talking about that for a while now, and I feel I covered my impressions fairly thoroughly already.

Art: New heads and hairs added (are they the dreaded Asian market options? God, I hope not). Outside of that, updating scenario weapons is nice, but I think some destro people feel left out, as the vast majority of it was Empire/Dwarf. And props for cleaning up armor dyes on some classes (again, Destro players missed out in this round).

UI/Audio: A hefty serving of tooltip fixes and general interface improvements. There are now visual cues for when a person is damaged or getting healed. A few new sounds may be heard if you are one of the rare people who still has it turned on.

Obviosuly, this is a rough overview. Read the whole thing for yourself and then join the PTS testing on the 28th of this month at 8pm EST!


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6 Responses to 1.3.5 and Bonuses (Bonusi?)

  1. Kesarin says:

    As far as the dye changes go, I’m pretty sure they’re starting with AM’s, SW’s and RP’s because we have the most problems with dye bleed and strange colors on our gear. For example, the Invader robe, when dyed white, turns neon pink… Super. So, that’s probably why they’re starting with those classes.

    You’re right on the weapons though – Destro kind of got screwed on the art changes.

    Lastly – Thank god that the 2x armor debuff is being fixed. It only took this long…

    • shadowwar says:

      You’re probably right about the dye. I remember the beautifully ugly patterns on my SW hood when trying to dye it all sorts of strange colors.

  2. Thaded says:

    What i saw for the new choices or w/e no they aren’t the asian changes, but the hair colors now have in-game dye names, and so do the skin tones. for example skin tone= Celtic is one for chaos(just a random example) And a beard color is scorched brow. i haven’t looked at all the new faces yet, and i never knew all of the old ones tbh anyway, so we shall see.

  3. Mike says:

    ok So on the currency change I want to make sure I get the most that benefits me right now so how should i down convert my crests? Im currently rr41 and the most crests i have are invader though I have some of each type. should I down convert to conq. for the bonus or officer med? can you convert off. med up to conq with the new 1:1 making converting to the largest number now a better solution. thanks for any help

    • shadowwar says:

      It depends really. Do you have all your invader gear? If you do, down convert away. If not leave them be, as you don’t want to interfere with progression.

      Basically anything that is equal or great to your current armor goal, leave it alone.

  4. Erbse says:

    Pro tip: Using Mass Refine for 2,6k Conquerors crashes your client.

    Anyway, I’m now proud owner of 23k Officer medals. My currency backpack is kinda stuffed.

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