The City Siege, and how it Works

As you should be aware from the blitzkrieg of information coming to you, the working city changes have been released. They cover an absolutely massive chasm in a shift of the way that the end-game is going to work. A complete and utter over-haul. The transmission was ripped out, and the engine block was revamped. So, our old charger has been revamped into a beast of a muscle car. Sexy and big, ready to eat up whatever gets put before it.

Okay, maybe the car metaphor strayed a bit, but keep reading anyway.

So, we now have a city fight that takes place in the whole city. The players have been reduced to 24 on each side, and there are no longer any PvE instanced fights. In fact, the only PvE work you’ll be doing is how it relates directly to enemy objectives that they SHOULD be defending. The system that they’re using for the city invasion is a lot like the old “Blood of the Black Cairn” from Eataine days of scenarios, AFTER it was revamped. Invaders start with an initial pair of capturable points that they can use to push the fight ever forward to the enemy gates. Capturing points opens up closer respawns, gives bonus time, as well as bonuses in later stages (there are three total).

The second stage has the Warlords for each side come out, and this is where the defenders can try to take back control points to help tip the scales back in their balance for the final stage. Eventually, the two Warlords can meet and start to duke it out, while the player-minions fight at their feet.

The last stage is the portion with the champions. Each side gets teleported to their respective corners for a pep-talk from their leader, he then chooses four champions (one of each archetype), and the two sides can fight it out. Once the enemy king’s champions are dead, you can start to kill him. If you’re lucky, the two kings will meet up before then and start to brawl like pissed off teenagers.

It’s truly not a complicated system. It can last for a couple of hours, and each stage has different wards associated for the various NPCs/Players in it, as well as different objectives to achieve. I’m not too sure how hot I am about cutting the players involved in half and THEN doubling the ground used for the map. It seems like it may spread the fight out too much. Where it was felt right, but who knows, it may work like BotBC or BFP with the focused objectives centralizing the fights. Either way, it’s a huge change, and a lot of good stuff is coming, that I can’t wait to test, break, and pillage my way through.

I have two more posts being reviewed full of long question and answers from Andy and Carrie, as well as a few more from the other teams. I’m hoping to get them back tomorrow at some point (or maybe even today if lucky), and be able to put them out there for you guys to peruse. Until then, happy hunting!


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