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I know, I know, you’re eagerly anticipating the post from me about my Mythic trip and all the wonderful candy and rainbows that I got to experience while there. I am too. In fact, the content post is all written and done. I’m just waiting on a review to make sure I didn’t accidentally cross the NDA line and say something I shouldn’t have. Black helicopters and strike teams coming down zip lines with flash-bangs and assault weapons don’t top my list of “visitors I’d like in my home”. So, I’m going to do a place-holder post. A place-holder post is something completely off-the-wall, usually trite and forgettable, and sometimes not really sincere. So, I want to make sure your expectations are in the right place when you read this.

I’m thinking of doing an experiment. I’m thinking of playing a character, from the brand-spanking new get-go, with absolutely zero add-ons. That’s right, no mods, no addons, no nothing. Just fresh, base, Mythic-created stock UI. I will use all the hardware at my disposal (regular mouse, regular keyboard, non-widescreen monitor :(, and my Belkin n52te). Now, I know what you’re saying. “Has Shadow gone completely off the deep-end?”. Iknowrite? I’m a huge advocate and fan of add-ons. Anyone who has paid attention to anything I’ve said would have to turn around, put those fancy white-noise headphones on, and wear a blindfold to miss my advocacy for the modding community as a whole. So why do it?

Well, I’m curious to be honest. I’m curious to see how the game plays without them. I haven’t played the stock game interface since, well, launch + 7 days probably. If that. So, I want to see what a player coming fresh and new to the game would see it like. Grimnir has been doing some righteously good videos lately about add-ons, and I was thinking I could do a counter-point to demonstrate how well the stock interface performs. The only remaining question that I have is, what class do I play?

My class choice has been focused on an MDPS. I’m game for either Destro or Order, but I really do want to do an MDPS class. I’ve played a tank to RR70, a RDPS to RR66  (67?), and a healer to RR51. I want to complete the circle with the last archetype. Symmetry would demand that my last one be on Destruction side to balance, but I’m not decided on either direction. This, my dear and good readers, is where you come in. Chime in, leave a comment, tell me what you think. Not just about the class (though that is what I want the most), but about the idea as a whole. Speak now, or forever hold your peace and let me make the decision on my own.


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16 Responses to On a completely unrelated topic

  1. Kesarin says:

    I like the idea – coming in clean, sort of seeing the game with new eyes sort of thing. Will you be moving things around in the standard UI, or will you play the game as it is out of the box?

    As far as classes go, a Witch Elf could be fun – no stance mechanic (Marauder), and no added squishyness (Choppa after rage). Plus, they’re fun in T1 once you get the -50%healing debuff.

    Another question – are you going to level this character normally, i.e., through quests and PQ’s throughout the game, or are you going to be powerleveled? If you’re going for the “pure” approach to the game, that former might be the best. But that’s up to you.

  2. Wasdstomp says:

    I don’t think it will work out too well. Without state of the realms, focusfire,squared, or whatever I think you are going to make yourself look like a noob in underpants playing the game.

  3. Rienuaa says:

    I suggest you play a WL, but thats cause I love them too much.

  4. Dhatt says:

    I’ve been playing WAR for a long time now, and I don’t use add-ons. A long time being well over a year. You would be surprised I gather to now hear that I don’t suck. While I’m no means the best, I think it’s fair to say I’m above average at least. WAR is also my first MMO, so all expreience and skill I’ve gained is through playing WAR w/o any add-ons whatsoever.

    My point is: you don’t need add-ons to be good, all they do is take some of the effort out. Where’s the fun w/o the challenge?

    Play a slayer. Or a mara if you’re after the balance.

  5. Aeo says:

    Good luck living without Addons! I have tried this a fair few times without any success at all. I would blame lag/PC issues on having too many addons, and wipe my folder, swearing to forgo any more addonage in the future. It would last just a few hours before the addons would slowly creep back. Like i said, good luck.

    Class…? Witch Elf, why not.

  6. Sara says:

    I also like the idea, mostly because I, myself, use few add-ons. Even when healing on any of my nine healers (yes, I rolled yet another one) I don’t use Squared or Healgrid and I consider myself to be fairly competent. SoR I only use to find a place to leech a quick lock between scenario pops. I do use an auto-join add-on for scenarios, just in case I happen to be reading a book while I wait.

    Considering you have so much experience with the game, I doubt you’ll ooze much noobiness. It’s not like you don’t know where to get what or how to slot talismans in (or even how to quit the game, I’ve seen that asked in /advice).

    Perhaps you could try and play a Sacrifice DoK or a Grace WP, giving you a chance to try a vanilla interface and a melee healer. And if you decide to go at it alone, there’s nothing better, heh? But what do I know, I’m always rolling more healers. 😛

  7. shadowwar says:

    Thanks everyone, so far, Witch Elf is the most popular choice. So I think I’m going to give that a go.

  8. Charlotte says:

    Haha yes, Witch Elf ftw! I played from launch up until about a month ago with no add-ons at all. Even now, I only use two for crafting, SotR and WAR Board (and the last only since a week ago after I looked at Grimnir’s podcast again.)

    I look forward to your opinion of my favorite class 😀

  9. Ian says:

    Get to the Choppa!
    (yes, I went there)

  10. Triggery says:

    It sounds like fun but after using TokenMachine I think I’d go nutty without it now! It’s just plain annoying having that big box pop up ever second with all the skulls, ordnance, medallions, loot etc.

    As for the class I’d say go for any of the MDPS on destro, depending on your playstyle and if you care for appearance in your character.

    Hope it all goes well if you go through with it 😀

  11. Scarbigrot says:

    I have only played WAR with a N52te and stock UI. The only addon I have ever used was the killing blow one. The thing I like about the Warhammer ui is that I can move it around like Bartender from the WOW days.

    • shadowwar says:

      Man, I was a add-on fiend in WoW as well 🙂 Been a long time, so I don’t recall the names of most of them outside of Perl, and QuestHelper, but yeah.

      I’ve found that using no NB means reconfiguring my layout for my n52te completely. I’ll probably make a post about it in tangent with my intro vid to the new character.

  12. openedge1 says:

    Due to the news of various “hacks” going on, I am not tempted to load up addons.

    Another issue happened that after this weekend, the wife almost quit because of the need to be the best, and not play the game to have fun…I think using all these tools makes the game a job, and not a game to play.

    We will enjoy our time playing WAR the way it was made (and the default UI does not suck either…so that counts for something)

    Cheers, and good luck!

    • shadowwar says:

      I will say this: I excpect my game play to take a slight performance hit. All the addons I use have small, incrimental affects on my ability, and they will add up to a slight, but noticeable difference. Where this difference really gets noticed is at the super-high end of competitive play in game. So your wife need not worry too much about it unless he plans on going there.

      That said, the game was made with the intent of having a very strong, healthy, and robust moding community (there was a podcust where they said almost that exact thing), so what you see out there could also very easily be considered part of the design play-intent.

  13. Osirion says:

    I’m new to the game still and currently the only add-on I have is twister, though im bout to go find some more on that podcast I think.

    But I would really like to see a marauder done for this, not sure that they really require all that many mods, but it is a unique class and one that I wouldn’t mind reading about.

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