Mogwai, don’t feed them after midnight

Steven Engle waiting for us bloggers.

I sit here in the Mythic studio under the sharp whip of Andy Belford after a multi-hour question and answer session with a host of members from the development team. So, this will be the 30 minute blog of information to give you as many of the answers I got as possible. Only when done, can I get the shackle unlocked from my ankle and return to the sweet sweet freedom of fresh air and alcohol. A giant thanks goes to Corrie Teadway, Keavan Freeman, Amber Turner, Mike Wyatt, James Casey, Sean Bosshardt, Steve Engle, and Nate Levy for sitting with us through what could only have been a torturous and tedious event for him. 

For starters, I want to say that the entire team here has been incredible gracious and receptive to us. They were fielded many questions ranging from the  mundane to the sensational, and they kept an even response to all of them as well as being as informative to an extent that I did not expect. Of course, there are areas that they couldn’t go into because the development process was not at the point to allow the answers, but as a whole, I was impressed at the candor. 

I only have a very short period, so forgive the brevity here. This is only a portion of the questions asked and is mostly from the C&C side. I’ll talk more about the content team that we spoke with first in a follow-up post.  

So, here are a list of straight copypasta answers I was able to get from the various twitter accounts. If you didn’t tweet me during this, you have noone but yourself to be blamed. 

Theeriver: I know WAR is PVP-centric, but I’m a tank who likes to PvE once in a while, anything coming up in PvE land that will help the WAR 

No comment. 

Essentially, they are not at the point where they are going to be talking about any new PvE content at all as it relates to dungeons/encounters or what-have-you. 

Slurms1: Destructible walls? 

They are fabulous and awesome, but lots and lots of art problems. Thumb wrestling determines winners of this debate between art and content developers. There is a huge hurdle to be overcome when trying to create holistic structures and terrain that can be interacted with at the playerbase. Individual fixtures can easily be done as they are singular objects and handled on a case by case basis. 

Akalukz: is instance hoping a thing of the past? 

With the new city system, hoping instances will still technically be possible, but the penalties for doing so will be significant as to STRONGLY dissuade doing so. 

WARTalk: will there be pug v premade city instances, if it’s instanced? 

Zoning will work just as it down now for the city invasion. 

There will be no difference from the current instance, so split warbands and groups will still be a possible side effect, but no specific systems were put in place to change the queuing system. 

KesarinGorfang: I’ve had cultivating for about 4 months now, and I have seen 1 seed drop in all that time. Will the drop rate be fixed in 1.3.5? 

Should be dropping some now, will look into the issue. 

There may be some issues still, but if you have concerns or issues with them not dropping, your best is to leave feedback. Currently, the drop rate is VERY low and intended to be so. 

tauronus  AA stacking, will it get fixed? 

The problem is the bonus how it applies, the new system is going to give increased NUMBER of swings as opposed to affecting swing time. I.E. – 100% will give double swings. 

Nate Levy should be making a post about this now as I type, but the entire way that these enhancements are being handled is completely changing. 

tauronus armor debuffs still count twice while using assault stance/gas squig, fix in 1.3.5? 

YES! *change your pants* it will directly pull off of your armor, so buffs AND debuffs will no longer be doubled. 

Shadow Warriors everywhere will be rejoicing I’m sure at news of this, as well as Squig Herders (the ugly fungi). No more worries about debuffs being your death. 

DankofAmerica again =P, regarding Blackguards, are there any details you can go into on how you will be tweaking the class in 1.3.5 and beyond? 

Not much in 1.3.5 nothing, overall more similar to the IB. 

There are a lot of things going on with different classes, but as we all should have expected an answer like this. We know they want to improve dark protector more like oath friend. There are mirrors and classes that are out of skew and the intent is to make them as close as possible. 

Nynth Engi/Magus/SW seem to be the classes in most need of help/a clear role – will we see any changes in that direction in 1.3.5? 

Not far off, a little under. They feel far off because the BW/Sorc are far high. They’d like to have both sides meet in the middle. 

It seems like there is a general acceptance that the big nukers are over the top right now as far as group desirability and TTK, the other classes really just need to be brought up and have everyone meet in the middle. 

ME Blackguard/Knights attacks for Murderous Wrath/Precision Strike percentile are not stacking with that from weapon skill. 

More of an issue stats don’t stack with bonuses, WS then the ability. Not sure if they can or ARE going to fix it. 

JustBlaze7208 are SWs getting a mirror to Shooting With the Wind? 

No immediate plans, they recognize the ranged “shooters” (SH, SW, Engi) need a little attention to help them better fill their role. 

This is similar to the question above, and all the Combat & Careers questions in general, they really want to bring the classes closer together. 

WARAyleen Marauders are now able to use real dual wield. How will mutations’ procs play with this? Will they be removed, proc or replace? 

Procs will stay the same, as will graphic art. 

The true dual wield will be purely a boon as far as I can see. 

Zangulus Would you kindly ask if more focus will be put on RVR lakes, since currently the focus is on SCs due to Insignias. 

Currently, they are working exclusively on revamping the actual city instance itself to make that an experience the players will enjoy. There were no specific proclamations of new RvR lake updates to bring players into it that resides outside of the city. 

There are/were a LOT of questions that were asked outside of this, and many of them are going to be answered very shortly by Mythic themselves. So keep your eyes open to the Herald and focused for the news that will answer the largest bulk of your queries. 

Also, Steve Engle is a great guy, but we found out he’s a mythical furry creature sold by chinese men in hole-in-the wall stores, be careful while you care for him.


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9 Responses to Mogwai, don’t feed them after midnight

  1. Perle says:

    Looking forward to the rest of the answers. Tweeters asked some very good questions today!

  2. Erbse says:

    I really liked to see the AA changes, as they were really needed and long overdue (even though no one really complaint inb4 Slayer 75%) – that will bring DPS classes of all kinds closer together while possibly over nerfing a single classes. One for the team I figure.

    Overall I see 1.3.5 as a healthy change so far, but I won’t take any words on double armor debuff fixes unless I actually seen them, period.

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  4. Kesarin says:

    I guess I can accept that as an answer. I really wasn’t being hypothetical there at all – I’ve seen literally *1* seed drop (and of course, I wasn’t on my cultivator when it did). I don’t know if maybe I’m cursed or just incredibly unlucky, but 1 seed drop in 4 months seems to be lower than it ought to be.

    However, I am excited about the armor buff/debuff thing. It’ll be sad to not have as much armor as an off-tank when Mountain Spirit procs, but it’s a small price to pay. (I’m kind of with Erbse though – I’ll believe it when I see it.)

    • gaarawarr says:

      Seeds do drop as I’ve seen them just in the last few days. They are hard to get though as they only drop off Heros and Lords Rank 40 and up iirc. Keep in mind, some NPCs that are easily farmable that fall into this category may have had them removed from their loot table for that reason. No way to know. All of mine have come in end-game instances lately, not open world content.

      • Kesarin says:

        Yeah, the Eternal Citadel is the only place I’ve seen seeds drop lately. I understand them not wanting everyone to get the seeds easily, but having them only drop off of end-game content that’s only doable once a week as a warband seems a bit excessive.

  5. Slymie says:

    Sux that they continually keep delaying any real fix to the Shadow Warriors. 😦

    When I quit playing the game late last year I promised I wouldn’t return until they had done their class balance for the SW. Now all I am hearing is how unbalanced the Sorcs/BW’s are… They’ve been unbalanced since release and nothing they have done has seemed to put those two classes where they need to be. Meanwhile other classes have been back burnered since release. Maybe, instead of continually trying to get those two classes “fixed” they should leave them alone and tweak the classes that really need it. Then balance the Sorcs/BW’s around the others. it can’t be any worse than what they’ve done so far, and it may even get some folks to re-sub.

    Ya never know.

  6. Tuffett says:

    that was really my shooting with the wind question that I told Blaize to ask on Vent. Thanks for the answer!!!!

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