Thar’ be trolls!

Every server in WAR is its own community. Each one is full of personalities, ideas, concepts, friendships, rivalries, and all the other wonderful interactions that can be found in any gathering of different people. Of course, this being the internet, the staple of the typical communication of those communities (forums) is the troll. The troll is an interesting creature, and many a blog post, article, thread, and scientific endeavors* have been done to find out more about them. Yet, the still remain a mystery to most of us. What drives these enigmatic creatures? What pushes them to continue along their misguided path? Are they self-aware? There are so many questions that most rational people have when they find themselves face to face with a troll.

On Gorfang, we definitely have our share of trolls. Some people consider it a past-time. Hell, my guild has a great share of people who “troll” at times. I’ll even admit, sometimes, I poke and prod, or jab along a person to have a little “bored-at-work” fun. Reality is, most of us will break character, or just discuss in a fun, light-hearted manner. Tone is very hard to achieve in a singular post, but across a great breadth of writing, the “voice” of each person tends to come out. When I go to the forums (and I probably spend too much time there), I typically know the kind of conversations that will be going on in each, and from the typical faces.

For instance, one active poster on both the Alliance and the Officials, is a player for destro. He likes to troll, but it’s usually in a very devil’s advocate sort of way. He does it, he knows he’s doing it, and he’s doing it for kicks and giggles. He’ll respond in light-hearted jokes on the rare occasion as well. His true skill though, lies in his rages. Speaking to the guy, he’s an incredibly calm, even, and chill person. Until something sets him off, and he’ll give you a rage that will having you laughing with entertainment for days to come. He’s a competitive player, and he hates to lose. I can understand that, and can honestly say that I’ve had a few frustration-fueled rage quotes myself.

Then we have the true gem of Gorfang trolls. He’s a Chosen on the side of destruction. This guy is CLASSIC troll. Every post of his is like seeing Mountain Dew with its old labels back on again. However, the defining characteristic of this guy, is that he might actually believe everything he says. It’s either that, or he is the best meta-gaming troll in existence. That is a very distinct separator. Now, his forum persona would be pure genius if it gets people to target him, and that is his goal. However, if that is not his intent, and he really truly believes what he says, then the logical, left-brained side of me has trouble fully comprehending a person who exists like this. It’s as hard as me trying to figure out how adding billions of dollars of entitlement to a government’s spending is going to be fiscally wise in the long run.

So when a troll isn’t just a troll, but a person who is actually espousing their beliefs, how do you deal with this kind of person? Is it better to just ignore them, like religious zealots telling you the end is nigh, or do you publicly mock and ridicule them? Do you laugh as 15 page long threads full of giant, bold, colorful text is used to say mean-spirited things goes unlocked because even the moderators can’t stand the person? Or do you just move along, and deny the crazy trolls any recognition at all?

Ignoring them is probably the wiser decision, but man, mocking them can be so entertaining.


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13 Responses to Thar’ be trolls!

  1. Mythic Andy says:

    They’re not trolls…they’re just care sooooo hard!

  2. Mythic Andy says:

    yeah, that comment failed

  3. Erbse says:

    Oh, how I wonder who you’d be talking about there!

    Well, recently Raylando took the crown with his pistol at dawn challenge, I’ll never forget that.

    On another note, people such as Peggio are likely to simply be miserable in real life and seek some sort of acknowledgment.

    Oh, since Andy is reading here disregard my comment concerning slapping them hard. Well, or maybe not. If shit hits the fan it might been valuable advice after all 😀

    • shadowwar says:

      Peggio actually is another good example of the second person I was talking about. However, I don’t want to name names, as it’s just, well, not in my nature.

      • Erbse says:

        Oh, I didn’t get that reference correctly then, I only got to think of two persons from that, both being Gorfangers. I agree with not naming names, as nothing good would come of it, while it also defies the broader picture as a whole.

  4. Scarybooster says:

    I thought you were talking about Rivs there for a minute 😛

    • shadowwar says:

      Rivs is a crude bastard for sure, but his hatred is more like a constant cold burn from what I’ve seen, as opposed to explosive outbursts. Tempermental people would not spend a weak crafting a maliciously planned RP interaction.

  5. theerivs says:

    Thats why I roll with the Chosen, their slow cold hatred suits me to a tee.

    And Fuck you I ain’t crude!

  6. Wasdstomp says:

    I used to troll alot on the forums just to get a rise out of people. It is amazing the things that set people off.

    My videos of using WASD, and mouseclicking and posting videos of killing Destro left and right really used to get them fired up.

    Of course my scorched earth video with all of my hotbars filled with SE was a classic one too.

    I miss my days of trolling, and maybe I should do it again. It did seem to motivate me to play more.

  7. Dalor says:

    god IR has some epic trolling going on, they even infect other servers etc. 😛 funny stuff most of the time 🙂

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