Norathian Bunnies Plot Global Conquest

I want these!

I tried to think of a silly title that included a tidbit of each of the three topics I talked about.

Obviously, this weekend was the Easter Holiday. It was actually one of the most busy for me in a while. I didn’t get to play WAR in any noticeable amount. I missed my goal of achieving RR71, which left me a sad panda, but I smothered those feelings under heaps and heaps of honey ham, potato rolls, macaroni & cheese, brocoli, and strawberry short-cake. It was a very bad day for my health, but it was worth it. There are just some things that southern home cooking does incredible, and this meal was one of them. On the warfront as a whole, its quiet right now, it feels like the calm after a small storm. Last week we had a lot of stuff hit us, and now we’re left to analyze the effects, and see if we need to adjust our preparations for when the real thing hits. It’s a piss-poor analogy, but screw it, I’m working on four hours of sleep, so my apathy is way up, and my attention is way down.

Of other interesting news, I got an email from HiRes studios over the weekend talking about an unlimited free trial (sound familiar?). So, I set up the download before I left for church on Sunday, and by the time we got back from the mother-in-law’s, it was done. I got to poke about with it for 45 minutes or so, and while it played fun, and it seemed interesting, my experience was terrible, but mostly not the games fault. It was strange, but the game run fine, no lag, no problems, visually impressive and shiny, and then I opened my inventory. None of the icons or images for any of my screens were displaying. After some asking around, it turns out I have to turn off anti-aliasing to make this stuff appear. No big deal, I’ll just go to the game settings and… wait, what? I have to do it at the video card? That’s retarded. I have it set to “program controlled” for a reason. As a stand-alone, it’s not THAT big of a deal, it’s a minor annoyance.

The REAL issue I’ve been having is my connectivity since I went to AT&T DSL. I swapped over from Comcast a little over a week ago as I had been having major issues with them, of both a technical AND a service issue. The speeds offered by both companies were the same, as were the prices after the introductory pricing. Except now, I keep getting crazy web-browser messages about loosing communication, and games are constantly dropping connections. It’s getting frustrating as hell, and it was happening more with GA than with anything else. I predict a frustrating call in my future to tech support.

The last tick on my list of topics is my old flame: EQ2. Going back to the game to partake in the new expansion is a seductive call, despite my distaste for PvE. The reason it’s so tempting: Battlegrounds. Yes, they have added the equivalent to WARs scenarios (or WoW’s BGs) to the game. That is an extremely tempting carrot for me, the PvP-lover in a world as vast as Norath with a history of gaming that I absolutely love. I need to find more info about it, if it’s any good, I’d like to resub for a month at least to go romping through some PvP EQ2-style. What I know so far is both good and bad. You get experience for participating in them (yay!) but you can’t even join in until level 80 (boo!). If any EQ2 players out there read this, let me know what your view is on the whole thing. PvP in EQ2 has always been an interesting creature to me. If it’s good, I’d be tempted to go back to my Bruiser on Nagafen or create a Dirge on the server and have full-scale, open world PvP + SCs.


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4 Responses to Norathian Bunnies Plot Global Conquest

  1. Erbse says:

    Is EQ2 even remotely balanced for PvP? When I used to play it you only heard terrible things about the PvP servers, and the game itself struck me as everything but Player vs. Player competitiveness.

  2. Ysharros says:

    Funnily enough we recently changed from AT&T DSL to Comcast Cable, since apparently there’s no DSL where we live now. I can’t say I’ve noticed much of a difference — in the 8 years or so we had the AT&T DSL service it was pretty solid with only very occasional (every couple of years) outages.

    That said, I suffered from dropped connections (only when downloading or on voice chat, never in normal gameplay) until I removed all traces of some helful Norton thingy from my computer. I haven’t had good experiences with Norting anything-for-PC in the two decades they’ve been around, so I wasn’t too surprised. If you have Norton whatever, disable it (or junk it :P), see if it helps. Being less rampantly ranty about Norton for a second it could also be any other kind of firewall being an ass.

    Another thing I recall doing was upping the settings on my NIC card. I don’t think it helped nearly as much as telling Norton’s software to go take a hike, but hey, who knows.

  3. Ysharros says:

    Ye gods. The White Rabbit ate my brane. Apologies fro all the typos. 😐

  4. leetas says:

    I like the EQ2 battlegrounds. My Dirge gets owned all the time, but I make up for it with my Illusionist. I have only done the 24 man version (a lot), and I can tell you it’s all about getting some people to work together.

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