Information Conglomoration

Who's predictable now?

you’ve probably heard a lot of the news elsewhere by now. Everything from the chosen guilds for the closed city testing, to the WAR box no longer needing to be purchased, the new Gromril Plating changes, and bitching and moaning, and everything in between. The WAR blogs have been busy. Well, I’m here to dig out the official announcements, and put them all together, so you can ignore all of them.Other than my weak attempt at alliteration yesterday, I’ve been a bit inactive this week. If you read comments, you know it’s because I was ill on Tuesday and Wednesday. The post that went up on Tuesday was one I actually scheduled in advance, against the grain of my typical habitual posting habits, so +1 for me. That said, I picked probably the worst two days to “incognito” in the WAR-verse (WAR-o’sphere? WAR-circle? bah! whatever). So,

I’ll start with the herald, as it is the most obvious and readily available source of all news.

Then, we head to the forums.

  • 2010.03.30 – Guilds for testing announced (oh, the sweet, sweet drama)!
  • 2010.03.31 – NateL verifies the mechanic for Marauders TRUE dual wielding.

That’s a fair amount of information. With the producer’s letter, I was happy to see Carrie’s commitment to consistent and clear communication of the company’s direction and decisions for the game. Many people see the dye issue as being a minor one, and compared to other stuff it is, but like I said in some random post in some random thread on some random forum, it can’t all be meat and potatoes, we need some desert too. Updates like bloom that was implemented a few updates ago, and now this, help to flesh out the world. I know I always hated the bleed over from dyes on my Shadow Warrior, and seeing it pinched me in the arm every time I saw it. Carries background seems to be a lot in the user interaction side of genre. Her history with the Tome of Knowledge, the Realm War page, and porting the Mac client all suggest a strong ability to handle systems and they way the perform. Many players would probably love to see someone with a more technical background of world and career development, but all leader’s play to their strengths, and I think Carrie is doing just that so far. Nothing suggests that she’ll be unable to perform in the other arena’s of the game either. Still, her letter had some meat to it. She acknowledged the AFK’ing situation in scenarios, and is purportedly working on some type of fix for it.

The other biggest piece of info was probably the announcement of the guilds going to the city testing. There is a magnificent six pages of moaning over the chosen guilds in response to the thread created by Andy. I can understand a lot of what people’s concerns are. From my primary server of Gorfang, the two order guilds chosen were Fatal and League of Light, both fine guilds with many good members, but they represent a far more casual play style. Conversely, the Destro guilds chosen are the ones that kill the king on our server. They lead city pushes to stage 2. They’re the top dogs. From what reports I hear elsewhere, baring one or two Order guilds, the majority of them are in the same league as Fatal and League of Light. Maybe I’m wrong, I hope I am.

My desire isn’t because I think my guild should have been chosen, or that we “deserved” it (I’m in the testing either way), but because I want the best testing possible. When doing any type of information gathering, or research, it’s imperative to reduce the variables as much as possible. The more controls introduced into an experiment, the better your results will be. It’s even better when you can control the behavior of variables. When dealing with people (individuals), they are always variables, but when dealing with groups, they behave far more predictably. Hell, that’s the foundation of all of sociology for the most part. Individuals are chaotic, smart, and unpredictable, groups are sheep (no, I’m not jaded). So, when looking to get similar balance on both sides of an equation, you introduce variables that are equal. In our case, those variables are guilds of similar ability. There are a ton of other issues involved in testing, and a good amount of them can be assuaged by forcing players to use templates to play with as opposed to their real characters. The more you’re able to reduce a variance, the better the results will be for what is being tested (the city siege SYSTEM).

The cold hard truth of all this is that testing blows. For the most part, it sucks. I’ve been there for almost every single open test on the test server. It’s a lot of directed gameplay, and the devs telling us how to behave. There will most likely be a lot of downtime as they try to fix something, and we’re stuck chatting about the latest UFC fight (Haha Bisbing, suck-it!). I hope that they’ll let us go free a bit for some straight up brawling, but we’ll see. They’re testing things, and often, that means purposefully trying to break something to see where it’s weaknesses are.

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2 Responses to Information Conglomoration

  1. skarbd says:

    I hope that Mythic allow for some “undirected” testing, because even though focused testing is important, it can hide issues that a free for all can expose.

    Do we know what the changes for the city seiges are?

  2. gaarawarr says:

    Don’t be fooled by the term “directed testing”. That doesn’t mean they’re telling you how to play, it simply means they’re telling you what to test.

    “Directed” means we’re not testing dueling, we’re not testing ganking, we’re not testing how your new premade setup works…we’re testing the city and the changes to it. It means you’re ready to go when asked and not in the middle of some 6v6 you set up cuz you were bored or roaming around looking to gank someone.

    As long as people focus on what we’re actually there to do, they’ll find there’s a lot less down-time and a lot less structure than they might imagine.

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