I’m quitting WAR. Perhaps the persistent pulverizing of perpetually pathetic prey has led to my perusal of other games.

I’m also a pretty pink princess who wants to mess with Play-Do and dolls in the penultimate playground of Hello Kitty Online.


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Making serious business out of internet spaceships.

7 Responses to Obligatory

  1. Kesarin says:

    You were doing so well with your alliteration until you hit Hello Kitty. Were there no games out there starting with a plethora of P’s that you could have mentioned?

    Also – big giveaway that this is false? There’s no picture with the post. There’s always pictures. 😀

    • shadowwar says:

      I’ll admit, I ran out of steam. I blame the last two days of being unable to keep anything heartier than Ramen noodles in the belly.

      As for the pictures: damn my predicitability!

  2. theerivs says:

    First of all I hope you get better, as for April Fools, I just like tossing a tongue in cheek something together. Anyone remember my Way of the Carebear Blog from last year?

  3. Scarybooster says:

    I didn’t know what that big word was in the title so I had to read it. You so silly in pink. I don’t post pictures just like my hero. I use words to spark the imagination of… Oh who am I kidding I’m lazy. Pass the Play-Do

    feel better now!

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