Quick-like-a-ninja post

Being a sneaky ninja while the boss is doing something else:

Weapon DPS for casters! No way? Way!

BW and Sorcs being brought closer together.


I’ll be right back!

If you remember last year at this time, I was busy with work. Well, this year is the same. See colleges like to schedule construction related stuff around the times when students won’t be around. So, I’ll be doing a survey of the back half of my old dormitory, for us to install the system this summer. Basically, I’ll be driving an hour and a half each way every day to do this, so my blogging time is getting eaten up.

Regular scheduled program should resume on Monday, Friday if we’re lucky.

The Eternal Debate

Yes, themepark vs. sandbox (credit to Syncaine for directing me to the topic resurgence). To be fair though, this is a slightly different twist on the topic. While you might be expecting a conversation on the benefits of the different systems, or the superiority of one over the other from the perspective of this particular person’s opinion, what you get instead is a topic on verbage. Sid 6.7 (Virtuosity props), seems to be wondering more about the reasoning behind the application of these terms and how they correspond to the reality of MMOs in today’s gaming world. The crux of his premise as I see it, is that he doesn’t see a clear delineation of where the two terms fall and should be applied.

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A Revitalization?

I just got an email from another new WAR blogger. On top of being happy to add him to my blog roll, and send a link his way for you guys, the proximity of revelations for some new blogs of late has really got me thinking. WAR started out with a massive community following. The number of people eager to blog, talk, chat, and commune with each other in general over this particular MMO has always been one of the great appeals for me. It’s also always impressed me the per-capita participation. Within the last month or so, I’ve seen three brand new WAR-specific bloggers join the fray, just from the top of my head. Despite my near omnipotence, I’m sure there are others that I have missed, overlooked, or somehow forgot about. Seeing one person start could be chance, two could be serendipity, but three, three people make it a conspiracy. A conspiracy of revival.

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Magi Suck!

And their little bloggers too!

Seriously though, I’m really happy to be seeing an apparent resurgence in bloggers for WAR. We’ve had a recent surge of them coming around, and two notables from my home server to boot. Keagen is a damn good player, and probably one of (if not THE) best Magus on Gorfang. No lie, he killed my knight in a duel. I think I know how to beat him in a duel now that I had a chance to think on it (especially if we get to set up our tactics/gear ahead of time!). Either way though, this guy is the example of what a good player can do with a sub-par class.

So, for all you depressed Magi out there, looking for advice and tactics, his may be the place to go to.

Why PvE?

There was an interesting post at Wolfshead last week that has had me thinking since then. I commented on his page, and touched on my thoughts briefly there, but I felt like exploring the idea a bit more. The boiled down version of his post (though, you should go read it all), is that all his experiences with PvP have been underwhelming and meaningless on the whole, for two primary reasons. A lack of danger for failure, and no emotional incentive to be involved. The reason I find his post interesting, is not because I agree with him (or fully disagree even), but that the points he makes are almost the same reasons why I dislike PvE content in MMOs.

I’ll use WoW as my example of this, as it’s the biggest target in the room that most of you guys have some experience with. In my time in WoW, I never had an emotional reaction to the generated content of the game. I never felt aggression to the invading trolls, or the desire to cleanse Karazhan of the undead. I don’t care what convoluted story was used to persuade people to continue on the trail of quests to the next zone on the fast-paced run to max-level. Whatever my reason du jour was for each play session had nothing to do with what the NPCs typed out in their conversation windows. I clicked accept as quick as possible, and looked at my map with the “Quest Helper” addon to run to each target and kill/harvest/deliver/use whatever it is that needed to be handled. Essentially, the game was a gopher hunt, with the ultimate goal of flushing out all the possible burrows to reward myself with the best possible gear.

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