Some recognition

Many of my fellow bloggers say they write just for the fun of writing, and to some extent, that is true. For most of us, this is purely an extension of our hobby, and a way to spend more time around the thing we love when we can’t actually be participating. A good segment of us would still be writing whether we had 10,000 hits a day, or if we had 10. However, getting 10,000 would feel damn good, and I would be lying if I didn’t say that being seen and called out always warms the cockles of my heart, and helps keep the tank on full. So, when we get comments from people, it makes us feel appreciated. When we get CONVERSATIONS, it makes us feel like we are an important part of a community.

For as long as I’ve been playing WAR, Mythic has been strongly involved in the community at large. They hold events with bloggers, send out swag to entice people  and generate buzz, and have just been friendly, fun, and light-hearted about everything they do. Hands down, they have been the most accessible and forthright crew of developers I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with. This type of behavior has been exemplified of late in their WAR Herald with their WAR Blogger Rolecalls. This type of behavior makes my heart light, and reminds me of all the personality and care that the developers over there have for their game. Bloggers usually put a fair amount of time in to what we do, and get the pat on the bum, and an “Atta-boy” from the coach makes it just that much more worthwhile.

I am quite pleased to have been on the receiving end of their attention both times so far, and on a more specific level, having been asked to join the WAR Oracle/Core Tester group. For those not aware, the Oracle/Core Tester is nothing more than a group of players who are invited to participate in testing patches and having NDA-covered access to advance information. The players who are involved are there for a combination of reasons, from behavior in-game and on their forums, an ability to show impartiality and cool-headed examination of situations, and a generally pleasant attitude (okay, maybe I made the last one up). The members of this group don’t have any final say, or decision-making powers, we get to talk about, discuss, and test things out before-hand in an area where our opinions, both good and bad, can be easily compiled and accessed. They want us there to express our own opinions of the game, based on our own experiences.

What this means for me, is that I’ll hopefully be able to have an ability to help test changes to the game I love, and put my word in on how I feel about the changes. I won’t be able to talk about specifics of any sort on here, or elsewhere, as I’ll be covered by NDA, so pumping me for details will be a futile effort and you won’t find any unauthorized sneak peeks coming from me. I will say this though, this is one rare occasion where I was hesitant to talk about something. When I was first invited a week ago I played with the idea of holding it back, but I didn’t want to keep anything from anyone reading, in large part because I don’t think this will change my perspective on anything in-game, or how I view it as a whole. Hell, I already love the game and that’s never stopped me from being critical in the past. So, having been called out as a blogger, and deemed a contributing member of the WAR society, I look forward to being able to bring you guys my opinions, insights (ha!), and any interesting tidbits that I find out in the community that I think would be good to highlight.

With that said, I want to point out to you some of the amazing people over at Mythic that work hard to make this community a strong one, and encourage and moderate their forums to ensure that people stay relatively civil and productive (I’m going by the title posted on WAR’s website for each person, though I think some may be off).

  • Josh Drescher, my favorite liberal and Associate Producer. He is highly active in the podcasts of WAR and is a great face-man who always brings a jovial and happy attitude to the table.
  • Carrie Gouskos, another Associate Producer and ridiculously talented person, most likely you recognize the name from the most recent Producer’s Letter, but the keen mind will remember her presence in many of the systems we enjoy with WAR today. Not least of which is the Tome of Knowledge, Mac client, and the Realm War. Also, she is frequently distracted by twitter, so bomb her with messages @cgouskos. *innocent whistle*
  • James Nichols, the Community Coordinator. You probably recognize his name from the bold red letters in arial font next to your newly moved thread, because figuring out how subjects relate to different topic folders is hard.
  • Andy Belford, my new favorite member of the Mythic team. He’s been insanely active in developing the community of WAR and it’s bloggers to a degree that is exceptional even by Mythic’s standards. This man deserves serious respect.
  • Last but not least (and sadly I don’t know her real name), is CiCiT. This is the name in orange of probably the biggest forum work-horse around. She keeps the grumbling masses in line, and is probably the name most cursed by trolls everywhere. If it weren’t for the diligent efforts of this woman (?), we would face chaos and anarchy every day in lieu of the mild confusion and light insubordination.

I hope I got everyone’s name right, and didn’t mangle anything too badly. Props to the people who make this game happen.


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7 Responses to Some recognition

  1. Slurms says:

    “I am quite pleased to have been on the receiving end of their attention both times so far, and on a more specific level, having been asked to join the WAR Oracle/Core Tester group”

    Both items are deserved sir. You are one in a handful of WAR blogs I have kept up with even though I had not been subbed. Keep up the great coverage. =D

  2. theerivs says:

    Mythic loves the bloggers, and I hope that strategy is paying off for them, I know they got some more of my money because of Shadow, Werit, Gaarawaar, Grimnir, and few others. I’m sure I’m not the only one either.

    Shadow deserves all the credit Mythic can afford him, he stuck by this game through thick and thin. I’m glad I seen Shadow grow in this hobby of ours, and get the due he deserves.

    When he’s a big name in the gaming industry, maybe he’ll remember the little people like me. 🙂

  3. Alex@WARgames says:

    It’s definitely nice to get that pat on the back. I was graced with a spot on the last community highlight, and it was awesome. You deserve all the credit that they give you and I can’t even express how envious I am of that Oracle position. Kudos, and get some work done on the inside.

  4. Scarybooster says:

    That is why I love the Mythic team. They know how to make their fans feel good.

    (I edited your link so it actually goes to your page, figured you wouldn’t mind! – Shadow)

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