Should have focused on my Blackguard

I’m building up a lot of hate after this weekend.

Thursday and Friday I had to travel to survey a structure for work. It was an engineering lab. The plans we got from the school were terrible. Walls drawn with  one line, dimensions off, and the engineered portion of the work was unclear and poorly implemented. Then, throw in a dash of overly protective and inquisitive students, and my time there was not much better. To cap off the fun-times of the trip, I got a speeding ticket in a 200 yd speed trap. Yes, 200 yds the speed drop 10 MPH. Hawthorne, suck my nuts. The cop gave me the counties (elevated) ticket cost, PLUS another $100 because I have a shield on my licence plate that he says he couldn’t read my tag through. Suck a dick. The cap on top of this fun weekend was my daughter’s ear infection, and the 6 hours in the ER our pediatrician sent us to spend there, waiting to see a doctor to write a script for antibiotics. Who else is so glad they just passed that bill with an overwhelming bipartisan majority in the Senate that will infuse waiting rooms with even MORE people who treat the ER as a general practitioner?

*deep breath*

I’ll be okay, really.

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