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I finally hit RR69 last night while delivering an absolutely stomping to destro in a city instance. We showed up, looking for a fight and thinking if we got stage 2, bonus, and we got one for the majority of the seige. Stage 2 didn’t happen, but the 600 some to less than 200 kills my Casualties of War told me about made me a happy man. You may wonder why RR69 is so great, and it’s because I finally get to wear my warlord helm and wear the mixed set of gear I’ve been waiting to get into for a long time. I now have double strength and wounds bonuses, so cheers!

Have a good weekend all, I’ll be surveying a building again today, so I’ll be mostly incommunicado.


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3 Responses to New Threads

  1. Werit says:

    Knights have some sweet armor, I think I want to level one for just that reason (oh, and the huge sword).

  2. Jomu says:

    Grats! Apparently there is word on a new expansion in the works including skaven and lizardmen!

  3. theerivs says:

    Skaven and lizardmen.WOOT! anywho tha armor is hideous. We all know Chosen armor is where its at!

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