A day of war

Let me start off with this preamble: today, God of War III releases. I put my pre-order in for this title a week or two back. This is one of the few franchises that I am willing to pay full retail for and get at release. I downloaded the demo for my PS3 a couple weeks before that, and what I saw made me giggle with unfettered glee. The unabashed absurdity of the violence Kratos practices satiate me in a dark way that is probably best left unexplored. My playtime in WAR may falter somewhat in the next week or so, but worry not, I will be continuing the worship of violence elsewhere, maintain the spirit of the game if not the game itself. Death to all who oppose me!

Now, the subject du jour I want to talk about is the day-to-day aspect of my (and your) time in the MMO of your choice. I think it’s interesting to see how other players approach their gaming. Do you have any rituals or routines? Do you have set playtimes? Are there goals that you set yourself each day to strive for, or do you just go where your fancy takes you? What motivates you to play every day, and to remain committed to your MMO of choice? Do you play every day? Are you an MMO-monogmist?

For myself, I have a bit of a routine, newly adopted. During the week, I play from around 9:00 pm EST to 10:30 pm EST. I work an 8 to 5 and get home by 5:30 (typically), afterward, my wife and I will go for a walk with our daughter and our dog around the block. Then there is dinner, for both us and our daughter, which we usually wrap up around 7:30 to 8:00 PM. I then give my wife an hour or so of personal time while I keep an eye on the baby, and then get my turn at free time before I get ready for bed. So, during the week, my play is pretty regimented. There may be variations here and there because of circumstances, but that’s a typical day.

Out of this, some might think that I’m in a rush to do as much as possible in WAR with the hour and a half that I have available, but I approach the game with a fairly relaxed outlook. If I’m playing WAR that night, I’ll log into game, and into my guilds vent channel, and just say hello, and ask if anything is going on. Sometimes there’s room for me, sometimes not. Either way, I’m firing up the queues. My goal, if you want to define such a nebulous desire as I have, is to play scenarios, smash some heads, and earn some insignia. On a busy night, I can get a few percent of renown and around 20-30 insignia. My progress isn’t blindingly fast, but it’s steady.

The thing that keeps me going with WAR is the simple fact that I have fun. No matter what I’m doing, I’m enjoying myself. Like roaming around solo in the lakes in between pops when I get jumped by a Squig Herder, a Choppa, and a Black Orc, and have a five-minute plus kite fest of me trying to kill them,  running through a scenario next to my bombing Bright Wizard and wreaking havoc upon any brave enough to enter the ring of destruction, or joining in on some duels during a city siege. Looking ahead is all well and good, and part of what I do when not playing the game itself. Thinking critically about specs, gear builds, skill chains, career counters, battlefield strategies and all of that is a good way to maintain interest, but when playing the game, I play. When I’m playing, I’m there for that moment.


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5 Responses to A day of war

  1. Charlotte says:

    I try to hop on everyday, after I get class, work, food and shower out of the way. I like being able to play for uninterrupted blocks of time. Generally I don’t have a set playtime, but it’s usually after 9pm and I play until midnight or later, depending on if I have work the next day.

    Just the fact that it’s fun is also what keeps me playing. Playing a Witch Elf was getting rather tedious, but now I’m having a blast leveling a toon again for the first time in FOREVER, especially from the Order side of things 😀

  2. Aeo says:

    My routine is pretty much exactly the same as yours, almost to the fine details, except on GMT rather than EST. Perhaps I’m the UK you! Work 9-5, get home, dinner with the family, bath the baby and read him a story. Wife gets first dibs on the PC then it’s my go for 1-2hrs before bed.

    And althought I’ve been out the game for a while and am just back playing my old rountine in-game will be carried on and is much the same as you. Just hang out, run scenarios, putter around the lakes…

    • shadowwar says:

      My European doppleganger! Creepy.

      Welcome back to the game AND the blogging community. Always happy to add another row to the Warhammer section of my blogroll.

  3. Jomu says:

    think you’ll get FF13?

    • shadowwar says:

      I’m on the fence.

      I LOVE the FF franchise. However, the recent change to an extremely linear game-play model makes me twitch on the inside a little bit.

      I loved FF7, and FFX. I hated FF8, and never played 9 or X2.

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