A day of war

Let me start off with this preamble: today, God of War III releases. I put my pre-order in for this title a week or two back. This is one of the few franchises that I am willing to pay full retail for and get at release. I downloaded the demo for my PS3 a couple weeks before that, and what I saw made me giggle with unfettered glee. The unabashed absurdity of the violence Kratos practices satiate me in a dark way that is probably best left unexplored. My playtime in WAR may falter somewhat in the next week or so, but worry not, I will be continuing the worship of violence elsewhere, maintain the spirit of the game if not the game itself. Death to all who oppose me!

Now, the subject du jour I want to talk about is the day-to-day aspect of my (and your) time in the MMO of your choice. I think it’s interesting to see how other players approach their gaming. Do you have any rituals or routines? Do you have set playtimes? Are there goals that you set yourself each day to strive for, or do you just go where your fancy takes you? What motivates you to play every day, and to remain committed to your MMO of choice? Do you play every day? Are you an MMO-monogmist?

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