My name is Shadow War, and I’m a noob

Domo is my iPhone screen greeting.

Deep inside all of us lies the innocent, wide-eyed, newbie. A part of us, that is still confused and befuddled by all the things going on in the games we play in. Stumbling our way through the game, as a drunk in a dark room banging his knees on the edge of a coffee table. We keep it down, so as not to wake up our spouse/baby and keep the secret of our newbness out of the light of day for our guildmates to use as fodder for the consequential mocking. Still, every now and then, that sharp corner is extra sharp, or our newbness is extraordinarily prevalent and we unwittingly reveal just how little we really know. I had just such an experience this weekend, and I’m going to just go ahead and put it out there for the community to see and feel better about themselves.

As everyone is probably aware, I play a Knight of the Blazing Sun as my main now. So, I play along my merry way, claymore in hand, cutting fools left and right, like a boss. For the last two months or so, I’ve been working my way through the rank 60’s. Obviously, it’s going slower now than previous ranks because of the nature of exponential time requirements and real life obligations. That said, I hit renown rank 68 the other day, and am now gleefully a shy 60% away from RR69 and wearing my mixed gear-set of Warlord/Invader. With an eye to the very near future, I’ve created all the +23 (no luck on +24) strength talismans I could, and am deciding on what combination of items I want to wear.

Obviously, the helmet is in. Not only is it better looking than the Invader piece, but it has +hp regen. Then, there is the jewelry piece. That’s a shoe-in as there is no need to swap out an existing Invader item. The gloves  are full of win, as one of the few Knight items I’ve seen with +melee crit. So, that left me in a final conundrum. The only real other two choices were the boots and the belt for the fourth Warlord. The belt has +2% dodge on it, and the boots have  +3% crit reduction. So, in MY newbish thinking, I saw a 2% dodge chance, as a chance to avoid any attack, far superior to reducing the chance of more damage. Do you see where my fail was?

Yes, somehow, someway, through my year and a half or so of playing this game, I never divined the simple game rule of dodge only being a defense against ranged physical attacks. So, for me, as a Knight, it would only help me against one class, and that class that is probably lowest on the list of classes that I need any more defense against, as a heavy-armor wearing beast. Luckily, I was debating the virtues of this gear choice over vent. My guild leader, and fellow Knight was dumb-founded by my ignorance. Fun was had by all in vent at expense of my newbness.

So yes, even long time players of a video game can miss fundamental aspects of how it works at times. I think (not to save face) that this is a product of just how vast and deep the rules are to these games. There’s also a bit of genre-cross-over terminology that can cause confusion. For instance, in WoW dodge avoided all damage completely, and could be used on damage coming from any direction. In EQ2, I think it was called the same thing, and functioned similarly. Also, in EQ2, parry worked on all damage types, and the brawler classes could parry from any angle, whereas the Crusader and Warrior classes could not. Let this be a lesson then, never take your knowledge for granted as you come into a game, and never be surprised when your supposition gets challenged and proven incorrect.


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4 Responses to My name is Shadow War, and I’m a noob

  1. Riv says:

    Your a noob for playing such a fail class…reroll Chosen! 😛

  2. Erbse says:

    Dodge is only awesome for Destro, they can evade a total of two classes instead of one!

    I wish however they altered dodge to dodge spells as well as Arrows, I mean, if you can evade an arrow chances are you’re also agile enough to avoid that gigantic fireball / axe / sword coming your way.

    • shadowwar says:


      Looking at the game with my “new” knowledge means that dodge is now, and has forever been, a completely underwhelming joke of a defensive stat. It’s applications are so incredibly limiting as to be a non-issue.

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