First Blush

Surprisngly hard to find a good "Blush" image.

As you should know, yesterday was the introduction of patch 1.3.4 and the new scenario reward system. I got to play it for a few hours last night, and for my play-style, I was pleased. So, I’m going to regale you with my impressions and experiences of the evening. Your rapt attention is required, so lean in real close to your monitor, and get a good read. However, before I go any further, I want to make something very clear. The names of the currency, because everyone I speak to seems to have a hard time getting it straight.

The rewards in the scenario system are EMBLEMS and INSIGNIA. Emblems are what you get in each of the four tiers for the scenarios associated with them. Insignia are the currency you get in tier four for the higher renown rank weapons. Emblems are essentially the corollary to medallions, and insignia are that to crests from the armor currency system. The two systems share the base icon of differentiation between the tiers. Conqueror insignia have the same design as crests, as do invader, and so on. The emblems and medallions are identified by a roman numeral that indicate their tier.

Now that we have the terminology down, lets get to business. Read more of this post