Hot off the presses!

Get your scenarios in tonight see! The patch is coming tommorrow see!

I know you’re going to be sad about Thunder Valley going away, but no tears kid, just enjoy it tonight while you can.

Yesterday sucked, but the weekend rocked

The title says it all. My weekend was pretty amazing. My mother in law watched my daughter for most of it, so it gave me a good amount of free-time. I spent the majority of it on my PS3 actually. I finished off CoD4:MW (the first Modern Warfare, a used copy of MW2 is impossible to find), and traded it out for Killzone 2. Sunday, my Knight got to run through the palace and kill Tchar’zanek again. I walked out with the sovereign shoulders, and a bad-ass claymore. 95.7 DPS to this beast and stats that make me weep with joy.

So, yesterday, I was eager to take my new sword of devastation out into the field and put it to good use. Sadly, I didn’t get to log on till 9 PM EST, and I found myself face to face with a stage 1 attack on Altdorf, with a whopping 13 minutes left.

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