New WAR Blogger

Or at least to me.

Mykiel War is the name of the game. He just did a video of the PTS, which I am downloading as I type this. He seems to be heavily into doing Podcasts on a fairly regular basis, so for those of you who like to sit back and listen, this should be up your alley. Thanks to Charlotte of Warhammer Alliance for pointing this one out in her news postings over there (even if I just realized she was still doing them thanks to the screen-dominating avatar contest).


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3 Responses to New WAR Blogger

  1. mykielwar says:

    Thanks for the hit, hope you enjoyed the video.

  2. Charlotte says:

    I’m not sure if he’s technically a WCPI blogger, but in my opinion he might as well be at this point.

    Also, I try to update the news everyday, so there should usually be something if you scroll down past the avatar thing. However, if one day you see no news, that means I am either sitting behind my computer grumbling about lack of content, or I’ve been involved in a freak blogging accident.

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