PTS 2010.02.18

As you are probably aware, last night was the PTS event to test out the new insignia system as well as the new 6v6 scenario, “The Ironclad”. Some of the more morning-loving bloggers out there have already talked about them to some extent (seriously Gaarawar do you sleep?). I was there for the entirety of testing the vast majority of the Q&A, staying up well past my typical bed time of 10:30 PM. This morning is rough, but I’ve got my big jug o’ coffee, my actual job work-load is somewhat light for a change (only one meeting to interupt this post), and I’m ready to talk about this some. So here goes.

The event itself was a fairly straightforward affair. After clearing everyone out of the city by telling us to duke it out in Praag for a bit, we were reeled back in to our respective capitals. After milling around for a while, we were told by Andy and the powers that be to form up into groups and queue (or solo if we prefered) for ALL scenarios. I was happy to see that my guild leader and a few other good players from our server were there, so we formed up, and prepared ourselves to make some enemies swallow their teeth. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the general populace followed instructions very well, because the first scenario we got into (Battle for Praag) ended with not one enemy ever entering. However, I second attempt worked out, and we steamrolled the competition.

Once people had a chance to play the scenarios, Andy did a mass-unlock for everyone that allowed them to start receiving invader insignia. One of the main priorities of this test-event was to ensure that the progression method worked, that when you purchased the item (and got the unlock) that drops would behave properly. Happily, it seems to have gone through smoothly. After the unlock, we went through another round of scenarios, and my group got into the Ironclad, the new 6v6 map to go hand in hand with the upcoming live event “Scurvy Dogs”.

Following that round of scenarios, Andy gave everyone the last unlock to purchase the sovereign weapons, and dumped more insignia than a sane person will ever need into everyone’s backpack. Every player rushed to buy their weapons, and lathered at the jaw to sink their newest hammer, sword, and arrows into the nearest skull, chest, or eye. I was particularly happy playing on a Knight template, as it let me play around with the various weapons and see which I really prefered for my build. I think I’ve found the one I want to use (the Sentry’s Claymore), and I used it happily in a few scenarios. I got to play on the Ironclad a total of three times last night, and I recorded two of them. The one I forgot to video was (of course) the one where we faced off against the best opponents. Still, I had a moment of hilarity at one point that I will be gleefully pointing out when I put together the video. That should be coming to you Monday, baring the unknown.

As usual for a PTS event, there was a Q&A that followed. I was dead tired at this point, and it was WELL past my bed time when it started, but I hung in there. There were a lot of questions, many were surprisingly repeats from the previous one. A lot of questions about general class balance, realm balance, and things of that nature.

For anyone who attends these things, it’s important to remember to be as specific as possible. If you want to know about the Shadow Warrior class, ask about a specific portion of it. For instance, “Are they ever going to get dual wield?” (this was asked), to which Nate responded, “Not currently planned.”. Also, we need to interpret some of the answers, “Not currently planned.” pretty much means, “No.” His common response to many career questions were, “I would like to make the mirrors more similar than not.” which means, “We want things as close as possible between mirrors, but it can’t always be that way.”.

As for some specific questions and answers given (paraphrased):

  • Will insignia’s be able to be broken down to their lower versions?
    • No. (Problem: If I buy a conqueror level 1-hander, how do I buy my shield after then? Or the two-hander, do I need to save up for all three instead?)
  • Is Murderous Wrath/Precision Strike bug in the bug tracker?
    • I’m not sure, bug report it, and I’ll also check.
  • Have the fixes to game stability/lag going to bring an adjustment to the melee range compensation?
    • That’s an engineering question, they couldn’t answer this. (Made me very VERY sad)
  • Various questions about city sieges.
    • Carrie Gouskos talked a bit about how the city is being redone entirely to be more PvP.
    • Guilds will be asked to submit applications to be closed testers for the new changes when ready.
    • City seige changes are their priority right now, as well as her desire to see a lot of old-standing bugs get squashed.
    • There is a “next big thing” on the list, but she wasn’t saying what it was. She said a few things it was NOT (that I can’t recall).
    • She’s really REALLY sorry, but the “cards” rewards in the ToK is a remnant of a CCG tie-in from early development. Take it as an object lesson in MMO design to never release anything until you know 100% it will be going out.
  • Lots of questions about incentivizing ORvR more, particularly for small groups.
    • Difficult to implement for small groups.
      • How do you define “small”?
      • How do you check for it?
      • BOs are technically small group content, but are often zerged.
    • Carrie was impressed by the quantity of questions regarding this area.

Honestly, that’s all I can remember of NEW questions. Overall, there were a lot of questions, too many to focus my sleep-depraved mind on. I think Grimnir said he was going to record it or something, and have an MP3 of it. Not 100% on that. Also, Andy is my new favorite Mythic employee for giving me major credit and a plug/directive to google my blog and read it.



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5 Responses to PTS 2010.02.18

  1. Grimnir says:

    Hehe, Gaar was still awake from the night before when he posted that.

    Also, I have all the answers for the Q&A, but none of the questions. Andy set himself as un-recordable through Ventrilo. Next time I will use sneakier means of getting him on the record…

    • shadowwar says:

      FRAPs an entire hour plus of time to pick up the audio maybe? Nothing kills your harddrive faster than that I would guess!

  2. gaarawarr says:

    Just to clarify, Insignias can be broken down. They convert down in a 1:1 ratio because they’re more placeholders to create a tiered effect than anything else. This keeps costs down.

    And yeah…I was still up. 😉

    • shadowwar says:

      Ahhh, good. I was worried about the inability to buy two one-handers, sword/shield type thing.

      Man, more power to you for being awake and able to remain focused the whole time for all the Q&A, I was fading fast!

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