I’m almost “there”

It’s easily argued that MMOs are all about progression. The reason we play them is to become better in a game, through an investment of time. Whether its increaseing skills, ranks, levels, gear, or personal gaming ability, we’re looking to reach a point of competency (I would say excellence, but many are satisfied with just being adequate). I, and others, often find it good to set goals and benchmarks to shoot for. Being able to focus upon an objective helps to maintain clarity, consistency, and staves off any feeling of being overwhelmed in games that boast huge variety and options as a core paradigm.

In WAR, once you’ve reached level 40, most people start aiming for a minimum renown rank, to allow them to wear a base set of gear. Some shoot for invader, dark promise, conqueror, or even as low as annihilator for what it is they want. Of course, there are other things people strive for in terms of gear. Weapons, jewelry, cloaks, and the whole array of possible pocket items. Whatever it is, there’s often some set build of equipment they are looking to reach to be able to do what it is they want to do, and everything after that is just gravy and pure fun.

On my Knight, I’ve been in invader gear for a while now. I’m chugging through the rank 60s at a slow pace for obvious reasons, but I’m still progressing. Last night I hit 64 (woot!), and was able to equip my first warlord piece for an excelsior ward. It was a great taste of what the final composition will be for my gear. An even better taste was had when I went on a King run two days ago. We haven’t seen a lot of gear drop of the sub-bosses, maybe one piece a run from the four on average, but Tuesday was a lucky night. What dropped made me a happy little camper. It was a jewelry piece with toughness, weapon skill, and hitpoint regen. This is one of the last pieces of gear that I’ve really been waiting for to acquire to fulfill my end-game PvP set. I hit need, and prayed that I got it over one of the pugs. Apparently, prayer works, because I won it.

As anyone who has ever won a piece of gear on an open roll in a raid knows, that is a major feeling of relief. Right now, with my newly won jewelry piece, I’m running around with just shy of 200 hp/4 sec regen. This is going to greatly increase my ability to solo/duel, and just survive in general, without really hampering my offensive prowess. Once I’m able to finally wear a specifically mixed set of invader and warlord gear, I’ll be a much stronger force to be reckoned with. I can see the destination very clearly now, all it requires is a bit of work to gain the renown ranks.


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6 Responses to I’m almost “there”

  1. pitrelli says:

    ‘As anyone who has ever won a piece of gear on an open roll in a raid knows, that is a major feeling of relief.’

    Haha first off Grats! and yeah ahmen to the feeling of winning a roll. The last time I felt that feeling the ‘loot master’ still distributed it to his ‘guild mate’ …. I left WoW for a bit after that and promised never to goin in any half guild/half pug raid.

  2. pitrelli says:

    goin? I did infact mean join….

  3. Werit says:

    I hope I never reach the ‘end.’ I like knowing there is always more room ahead of me, so long as I can still participate in the fun stuff.

    • shadowwar says:

      For me, the fun stuff is smashing the faces of the guy under the red name. The main thing I want to do is run around melting faces, crushing skulls, and just generally making the other person wish it wasn’t me they were fighting. I want to be an unstoppable, destructive force of nature, dreaded by my foes and respected by my allies.

      Not too much to ask I think 😉

      All the gear is just a means to a desired locale. The “end” is when the face smashing stops being fun.

  4. Readda says:

    Did some calculations recently and found the middle point between 0 and 80 is about half way through RR69.

    I think if I’d of know that earlier, I’d of made less of an effort to blaze through the 70s, it’s a lot of effort for modest rewards (last extra mastery point at 70, +25 AP at 75, +1 to all mastery trees at 80).

    • shadowwar says:

      I never realized that. I’ve heard very often that the early 70s are the worst part of it all, and that the late 70s actually don’t feel too bad. On the plus side, once you hit the half-way point, you can wear almost all of the “needed” gear to be warded for anything in game. Sovereign is just icing, as are the other rewards you mentioned. Makes me feel better about not being too concerned once I can wear my Warlord helmet!

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