Warhammer: I really do love it

A post over at Kill that Cheerleader made me realize something: I really do love Warhammer. Despite some of the mistakes they’ve made, this is a GREAT game.

  • It runs amazingly well on my computer that is just as old as the game, with a sub-par video card.
    • I run max affects, and FRAPS to the same hard drive in big fights and still walk away with 10+ FPS.
    • I virtually never CTD (once every two weeks or so).
    • Game errors are rare.
    • Bugs are becoming less and less.
    • Loading times are quick.
  • The PvP is balanced and fun.
    • Some classes need attention.
    • Overall realm balance is spot-on.
    • Almost any type of PvP-play desired can be found
    • Scenarios are the shining jewels of WAR.
    • Even stage 1 of a city is enjoyable when there is competition.
  • The leveling is easy for new players.
    • LotD is a GREAT grind spot for quick leveling.
    • Ganking in LotD is huge fun
  • Once you hit 40, how you play is up to you, but the goal is still to smash faces.
    • You don’t have to swap BFOs and Keeps
    • You don’t have to do just scenarios
    • You don’t have to do just dungeons
    • All paths of WAR are for the purpose of PvP
  • Super Casual
    • It’s easy to hop on for 30-45 minutes and do something
    • Gear is not a huge determiner once you get into Annihilator
    • Getting gear is STILL easier than in any other game
    • Weapon progression is about to be made possible through PvP means
  • No huge emphasis on meta-gaming
    • Money is not that important
    • Crafting creates mostly disposable benefits
    • Crafting is easy to do, ranks quickly, and materials come handily

Honestly, for the way that I want to play game right now, nothing could be better for me. I still get twitches to go back to EQ2 sometimes, and EVE really, really, REALLY pulls on the part of me that wants a true, full-world sandbox, but I don’t have the time. Yes, Mythic makes some mistakes, but they’ve been better about fixing/correcting/addressing any that come up than any other company who’s game I’ve played for extended periods (SWG, EQ2, WoW). If you want a PvP game that’s just fun, and all about melting faces, and fighting the other guys in a constant Valhalla-like realm of combat and destruction, WAR is the game to play.


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6 Responses to Warhammer: I really do love it

  1. Krosuss says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    If you enjoy PvP … this is the place for you. It doesn’t have the consequences of a hardcore game like Darkfall, but is more “hardcore” than any other MMO out there.

    WAR is the best Team PvP game there is. And I feel that’s what some don’t understand … it’s best when you play as a team. Sure, there are some classes made for solo and for ganking, but many have their place amongst a well-balanced team.

    The game has come a long, long way from launch and has gotten steadily better. I have no idea where population numbers are, but my guild has grown immensely the past month from new people to the game, returning players, players who have left other games.

    I don’t know what the future holds, but for me this game is a lot of fun with so many options. It still needs some improvements, to be sure, but it’s a very solid game.

  2. Werit says:

    Good post, all reasons why WAR is still the game I play the most.

  3. Chris says:

    Just toss in my two cents to the growing popuation. My guild was foturnate enough to survive on Phoenix Throne until the merger, and took in players from several less active guilds in our alliance when we transfered to Badlands. Since the transfer there’s been no shortage of action, with 100+ zergs in oRvR if that’s your thing and ready scenarios. We’ve also had a number of returning player.

    It’s also driven home how much fun LotD is when you have a critical mass of players and rapid flips back and forth. The small scale combat you get around sieging the enemy warcamp, at various grind camps, and out in front of Tomb of the Vulture Lord has been some of my favorite pvp action. We did our first real purge the other and it was an absolute blast. Like a lot of other parts of war, it needs a sufficient player base to shine (in a way PvE focused games do not), but when it does it really does.

  4. Gauge says:

    I favorited your blog based on this article.

    You nailed it for me. I was considering starting a blog becuase there are almost no positive things being said about the game. There is you, Werit and just a handful of others. I doubt I will start my blog just because it will take away from the already limited time I have to play.

    So, to you, Werit, and the few others……..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    • shadowwar says:

      Thank you very much! I may be critical of the game at times, but really, it’s only because I want to see the game be the best it possibly can be.

  5. TzuDevil says:

    I am right there with you!

    One thing I would add, though many probably don’t find this all that important, is how good the artwork is. Everything is outstanding, especially the player models. I mean, the Dwarves in WAR are *perfect*, as well as the Orcs, Goblins and everything else. I just love the look of WAR!


    PS I have also been getting the sense that WAR is growing…

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