To elaborate

The screenshot you see in the post from late last night is one of my Knight. Standing in front of the Demon Prince Tchar’zanek. On his knees! I was very lucky to be able to go along with my guild to fight the king last night. I logged on about 15 minutes into the city siege, and word was that “stage 2 might happen”. My guild already had a warband going, so I found an empty one, and basically surfed the forums for 45 minutes.

My boredom paid off though, and I got to be the ferryman bringing the warband to a clear road to the palace, and a consolatory spot to do this with them. See, at RR63, I don’t possibly have the wards necessary to be able to tank any of the bosses, or do too much damage to them. So, I mooched. I like to think of it as payment for ensuring their safety and access to the content, but hey, call it what you want. I happily went along with the quasi-alliance/guild PUG warband, bugging out two of the four sub bosses to kill them. I think a lot of us were surprised when we successfully killed two of them legitimately, considering how many unwarded players we  had.

 All of the sub-bosses in the palace are the same mob, with different abilities. All of them are giant bird, Demons of Change, and rather dull. One is a pure DPS race, another spawns tons of creatures, another gives a crazy color-coordinated damage/heal system, and I can’t remember what the fourth does. For the most part, they’re uninteresting. This might be intended to provide a juxtaposition to the final boss. Eventually, we got to Tchar’zanek himself, and this was one hell of a fight. Time wise, it was faster than all of the sub-bosses. But if you were to measure fun and intensity, he won hands down.

You start off fighting the big guy in front of his throne, and after giving him a beating, he stuns everyone, blows out the back of the palace, and sucks everyone through the hole onto a floating island. All around the island is space. Deadly, open space. Once the next phase of the fight starts, mobs poor in, and giant colorful tornados swirl all over. It’s pure chaos. The prince starts knocking people back and up randomly, and then the tornados send them flying like a little girl from Kansas. I spent a good minute straight in the air, just tossing daggers where I could. Situational awareness is vital here. Being aware of where you are in mid-air, and making sure you don’t fall off the chasm to your death is paramount. If you fall off, you respawn outside the city (yes, the CITY). The fight itself doesn’t take very long, but it’s intense, fun, and just the pure essence of chaotic. So many things are going on, that I just had to focus on staying in the center of the island, and hitting the boss man as hard, and as often as I could. I’m just glad I got to experience this fight before they implement whatever their proposed changes are to make it more PvP.

In terms of loot, I made out pretty well. I got the six royal crests for the encounters, of which I broke down four of them to finish buying the last of my warlord gear, and I walked out with the sovereign belt. Two actually, which I felt bad about, because there were three Knights, all the same RR, and we didn’t have a plan in place on how to handle multiple drops of the same item in priority. We all needed on both, after I said, “It’s about a 10% chance for any of us to win both of them!” Yeah, I felt like a jackass.


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7 Responses to To elaborate

  1. Brian Inman says:

    Gratz on the king kill. I want to cry right now though. I can’t believe you broke down the royal crests.

    • shadowwar says:

      Getting wards to be able to actually contribute to palace fights is far more important than the drop in the bucket those royals would have been to the ocean of needed crests when I get RR75+ months from now!

      • Readda says:

        Absolutely. Because of the king, I’ve had way more (like 20 times more) royals crests than I ever had Warlords – not counting those Royals I broken down to finish up my Warlord set.

        I had to buy all but four of the most expensive pieces of my sovereign set, but plenty of people have made it purely on drops, or had to buy just one or two bits.

  2. Alastriona says:

    As far as loot drops go, I know that Juggernaught alliance does Master Loot – WB leader loots, and then the classes who can get it roll on it in chat. Grab Cauterized the next time you’re in game – he coordinated the loot rolls last time.

  3. Krosuss says:

    That’s an awesome screenshot! BTW … what sword is that you’re sporting?

    I’ve been on five King Kills coming out with three successful runs. The first two were us feeling out the instance and to try different strategies. And like all PvE … once you’ve figured that out, the instance becomes routine to where we can now breeze through it. The final confrontation is pretty fun … mobs running around, trying to stay away from the edge, getting knocked back by the King, cyclones spawning all over the place, getting flung high into the air.

    On Iron Rock, there is this tug-of-war between the forces where once a week each side makes a concerted effort to push the King (of course corresponding to lock-outs). I’ve been lucky to make the cut to even go try the King. I am 2/5 Excelsior and with many more DPS with full wards I have been fortunate to dodge bullets and have been along for the ride. We have a great alliance and if I’m ever bumped I won’t be disgruntled about it. So far I have the Sovereign Belt and Gem and a nice stockpile of Royals and Warlords (not to mention the zillion Invaders, Conqs, and Officers). So I’ve been busting my butt moving up the renown ranks going from RR62 to 20% towards RR66 in about two weeks’ time (not bad for a business suit who works 9-5). My goal is to get my full 5/5 in the next few weeks. Then the crushing reality of the 70’s can sink in.

    I know Mythic mentioned making Stage 2 more RvR focused, which is great, but I never see the King instance being anything but that. It stinks of trying to kill Adell all over again. How exactly can one kill Adell and his adds while holding off the forces of Destro at the same time? My guild did it once but overall it’s not a winning combo. Can’t imagine trying to drop the King while also fighting a warband of Destro.

    P.S. The first mini boss in the instance can bug to where it doesn’t show on your lockout. Some groups farm this guy over and over to where you can really rack up the Royals.

  4. Mr. Meh says:

    I want to reroll Gorfang now.

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