To elaborate

The screenshot you see in the post from late last night is one of my Knight. Standing in front of the Demon Prince Tchar’zanek. On his knees! I was very lucky to be able to go along with my guild to fight the king last night. I logged on about 15 minutes into the city siege, and word was that “stage 2 might happen”. My guild already had a warband going, so I found an empty one, and basically surfed the forums for 45 minutes.

My boredom paid off though, and I got to be the ferryman bringing the warband to a clear road to the palace, and a consolatory spot to do this with them. See, at RR63, I don’t possibly have the wards necessary to be able to tank any of the bosses, or do too much damage to them. So, I mooched. I like to think of it as payment for ensuring their safety and access to the content, but hey, call it what you want. I happily went along with the quasi-alliance/guild PUG warband, bugging out two of the four sub bosses to kill them. I think a lot of us were surprised when we successfully killed two of them legitimately, considering how many unwarded players we  had.

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