Don’t stress me man!

I’ve had the lovely experience of being up since 4:30 AM with a 6 week old that refuses to stop crying, so if this is less than coherent, I beg your understanding and perseverance.

As you should be aware, last night was a stress test of the server infrastructure held on Warpstone hosted by Andy from Mythic. As typical procedure goes, everyone gathered up in Praag at the warcamps, hoped onto the official vent channel, and went to our corners. One faction was sent to a keep and then the other was sent to attack. The turnout was impressive, with 250 or so people on simultaneously.

Of course, that wouldn’t satisfy Mythic now would it? No, they have some spiffy new tech that lets them spawn virtual players, and the classes today were Bright Wizards and Sorceresses. These bots ran around spamming Rain of Fire and Pit of Shades, trying to gobble up all the tasty performance they could. Between players and bots, there were 420 players, all at one place. Being the brave, adventurous chap that I am, I got it into my thick head to Fraps this beast and see how it went. Surprisingly, it went pretty well.

During the test, I never once crashed, never got a black screen, or an error of any kind. Fraps was reporting a 7 to 11 FPS rating, but it felt more smooth than that. The consensus from all the players was that the lag was minimal, and everyone was as impressed this time around as they were when they tested Bloom and HDR. The improvement is that drastic. I for one, am really impressed that they were able to make another improvement of this magnitude so quickly, but apparently they have been working on this pretty diligently. So, my great thanks to the engineers over there at Mythic, and the entire coding team for optimization of whatever it is that needed optimizing. Even better, they apparently found an issue with something directly because of this test while reviewing the data from the attacks, which is good stuff.

After the testing, Nate Levy, the C&C guru, hoped into vent alongside Andy for the typical Q&A session, and I actually got to sit through it the entire way this time. All the way until 11:15 PM EST, these two were good sports about answering questions and being as forthright as possible. They also brooked no hostile, sensational questions, and at one point Andy called out one person after already asking them to reword it, and said he would reword it himself (hilarious Dev-smack!).

I don’t remember what every question was, but there was a lot of good information relayed. I don’t have any method of recording audio-only, and don’t really know a good method of taking all that is said down other than writing/typing it as they speak, and that’s not going to happen. Anyway, here’s some bullet points (because I love bullet points):

On the insignia weapons:

  • You earn insignia’s via ORvR and SC completions
  • You start earning Crusader to purchase your first tier of weapon
  • Once you have purchased any one “Crusader” level RvR weapon, you start earning Invader Insignias
  • Once you have purchased any one “Invader” level RvR weapon, you start earning Warlord Insignias
  • And so forth
  • The current costs for weapons on the test server are artificially inflated for ease of adjustment later
  • It does not matter if you buy a one-hander or a two-hander to move to the next “tier”
  • Insignia can be broken down if you want to buy multiples of lower tier versions

General class stuff:

  • Very little was said about any specific class directly
  • They plan on continuing with the Dark Protector ability and increasing the functionality of it to more closely mirror the IB
  • Marauders might see full dual wield to be more equitable with power level via two full weapons
  • Stances in general are something they have been looking at lately on a way to work with
  • The second and third ticks for Blazing Blade are apparently not MEANT to get any contribution from strength (weak!), however, they did find the problem to the last tick being not right, and are fixing it.
  • Nate repeatedly said that he wanted to make the two realms as closs together. He emphasized this when asked about mirroring of 1001 Dark Blessings and Paralyzing Nightmares (DoK and Sorc Morale 4’s).


  • All VPs being applied across all pairings have been confirmed
  • They are confirming whether or not players will still get the VP bonus for a flip while in any scenario now since they are being decoupled from a specific pairing.
  • They plan on sticking with the removal of so many scenarios and to bring back a different one on weekends (I did not hear a guarantee for every weekend).
  • We were told this is because the ones removed were the least used, or were buggy in same way.

There was a heck of a lot more than that, varying on everything from state of the Magus to invasions of players in LotD lairs. It was a massive amount of information that took at least an hour to go through all the questions. If you want questions answered straight from the horses mouth, these PTS events are a GREAT place to get them. There was no verbal back and forth this time sadly, due to the sheer volume of players. When less people are there, it usually frees up some time for a follow up, or a little deeper probing in a more conversational style.


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4 Responses to Don’t stress me man!

  1. Werit says:

    I was really impressed with how many questions they answered. I had to take off when we got to the L’s… so no question for me.

  2. theerivs says:

    Sounds like a really cool time. Of course you start me itching with the WAR bug again…grrr

  3. Scarybooster says:

    I have a 60 day game card just waiting for WAR to drop a third faction. Maybe the bot testing will drum this into their heads. This would make RvR so much more enjoyable. I disliked the Warcamp camping and think 3rd faction will help remove this boring tactic. I’m itching and think Mythic might pull this game out of the shadows. I can hope

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