Patch 1.3.4

The notes are up for the latest of patches coming our way in Warhammer. I missed out on the exclusive hotness of it all yesterday while I spent time with family that came in from out of town (my niece is 4 days older than my daughter, and they look eerily similar). All the buzz right now is over new RvR weapons that can be gained primarily in scenarios. Other bloggers have covered the news of this subject pretty extensively, and even given some great examples of the artwork we can find of the new RvR weapons. As great as the RvR weapons are, there is a lot more to the notes than just that particular system, as well as some corollary changes brought in with the system that have a far-reaching effect.

One of the biggest changes to the game with this patch is the removal of the vast bulk of the scenarios across all tiers, and the decoupling of racial pairings with victory points. To more fully explain, all scenarios that are played will count towards victory points in all campaign pairings. So, if you are playing in Battle for Praag and win, it will affect the victory point contribution to flipping Dragonwake, Kadrin Valley, or any other zone for your tier. In addition and concurrently with this, they have removed all but six scenarios that will be played at tier 4, with a reduction of available choices at the lower end. I take issue with this for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, I really don’t care for some of Mythic’s choices (i.e. Phoenix Gate). Secondly, they have removed choice and options – BAD! Options are good, and in this case, options mean variety. For the new players, this is especially hard blow as they’ll be playing the same scenarios for their entire career in WAR. There will be no difference, no growing out of, and now expectation of change to look forward to. It will be merely “in addition too” that they have to see on the horizon. The same 6 scenarios, cycled for eternity. What was once a fun and diverse leveling aspect of the game that cycled 24 different choices as you progressed, is now a stagnant pool reduced to a quarter of it’s former glory. My only hope of recourse for this lies in the reality of patch testing. These are not final decisions, player opinion and testing can sway the tide here. So, tonight is a PTS event. Participate if you can, it’s a stress test, but there is usually some type of communique after wards. Lend your voice to the future of the game we all love.

In regards to the remainder of the patch, the majority of it is bug fixes for different classes and minor tweaks. Shadow Warriors everywhere where enraged at first blush when Festering Arrow was left off the explanation of corrections, but an addendum was issued quickly to calm tempers and assure the base that Festering Arrow would in fact be working correctly. White Lions also had some tweaks in damage, AP, and effect – all for the better it seems. A whole slew of other changes were issued for the various classes, each fairly minor for the career, but it highlights the principle of small steps that Mythic is taking. I’ve lost any hope of a strong, focused attention to balance given to the Shadow Warrior, and have instead remained content in my place as a Knight.

I got a comment a couple days ago when talking to my guild leader who said something to the lines of, “Man, you’re a really good Knight. I don’t know if it’s because the Shadow Warrior is just that bad, or if the playstyle of the Knight just fits you so much better. Sadly, it’s a question that we’ll probably never know the answer too.” I think I know the answer.


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5 Responses to Patch 1.3.4

  1. Castamere says:

    If they are trying to debunk the myth that WAR is in maintenance mode after the layoffs last year then this patch is doing them a grave disservice. This game needs a shot in the arm, an infusion of not necesarily new content but certainly new and fresh ideas. Cutting content sounds like the last thing they should be doing. Streamline the scenarios sure, but gut them?? Unless they’re sitting on a goldmine of unreleased scenarios just waiting to be launched (doubtful) I can’t conceive how they came to this decision.

    We are putzing around in the game on our 10 day ‘welcome back’ allowance and this patch doesn’t exactly make me jubilant about paying for WAR again.

    Hopefully the immense outpouring of general disdain, confusion, and frustration will help Mythic rethink a potential blunder.

    • shadowwar says:

      I will say, while I was harsh towards Mythic in regards to a raping, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, I think that the rest of the patch is pretty much aces and of a great boon to the game. The introduction of a currency stystem for purchasing weapons fills the last real gap in aquiring gear that had been previously gated by PvE content. It truely finalizes (more or less) the equality between progressing through PvE and PvP. For that, they deserve to be lauded and thanked.

      For the scenarios though, they need to be brought to task. Harshly.

      • HEgetShafted says:

        I disagree that the introduction of the RvR Weapons cover that blank.

        I ll give you an example:

        I got a leet guild I got farm N’Kari few times. Kaboom I got a nice weapon. Or my guild kills King… Baam Palace weapon or Warlord Weapon…

        Why should I spend months of collecting the stupid grindy insignia?

        Hell, if I m lucky i can get a GOOD WEAPON first RUN….

      • Mr. Meh says:

        From the stats I am seeing, Invader plus weapons are nicer, almost much nicer than LVs.

        However the cost amount of Emblems is an issue to me.

  2. shadowwar says:

    There are many, MANY people who have N’Kari and VL on farm. I know I lost count of how many times I have killed N’Kari with my SW, I have yet to see the bow drop. In fact, in every run I have ever done on any character to LV, I have never seen the bow drop.

    But either way, it fills the gap in getting weapons via PvP (key term there). Everything that can be achieved in this game needs to be achievable via PvP. It’s the focus and drive of the entire thing. Forcing people off to the side to do PvE to gear up is not a good design decision.

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