Just a quick note

Just got done with the Q&A session after the PTS event. I asked about their feelings on the stance mechanic’s benefits for the Shadow Warrior when considering it’s limiting nature and the comparison to what a squig provides. Nate Levy’s response was that the stance mechanic in general is something they are looking into and would like to work with, but can’t give any details beyond that.

Maybe it’s just me, but I got a sense of a nudge and a wink in his reply. Wanting us to know that changes are coming.

Take it for what you will. I’ll be sticking with my Knight until I get more definitive response, but some info is better than none.

Patch 1.3.4

The notes are up for the latest of patches coming our way in Warhammer. I missed out on the exclusive hotness of it all yesterday while I spent time with family that came in from out of town (my niece is 4 days older than my daughter, and they look eerily similar). All the buzz right now is over new RvR weapons that can be gained primarily in scenarios. Other bloggers have covered the news of this subject pretty extensively, and even given some great examples of the artwork we can find of the new RvR weapons. As great as the RvR weapons are, there is a lot more to the notes than just that particular system, as well as some corollary changes brought in with the system that have a far-reaching effect.

One of the biggest changes to the game with this patch is the removal of the vast bulk of the scenarios across all tiers, and the decoupling of racial pairings with victory points. To more fully explain, all scenarios that are played will count towards victory points in all campaign pairings. So, if you are playing in Battle for Praag and win, it will affect the victory point contribution to flipping Dragonwake, Kadrin Valley, or any other zone for your tier. In addition and concurrently with this, they have removed all but six scenarios that will be played at tier 4, with a reduction of available choices at the lower end. I take issue with this for a couple of reasons.

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