Thank goodness

I think the Christina Hendricks frenzy has finally died down, I only had a couple hundred hits the other day as opposed to the 8,000 I had at the peak. As cool as it was to see those high numbers for a bit, it actually led me to more dismay than elation. I knew they weren’t “real”, as in, they weren’t people interested in the content of my posts, or the greater community of gamers. It was some mere happenstance of preferential iconography that enticed the hordes to make my corner of networked computers a pit stop on their feverish hunt for the latest popular gossip.

With the settling of visitors to the status quo, I’m happy to return to the topic du jour: MMOs.

I got to play WAR for maybe an hour last night, and I surprisingly spent my entire time out in ORvR. It was a group plus spare of guildies, filled in with friends and alliance members. We quickly found us facing an interesting situation that happens far too rarely: only one pairing was open for contention. Order had locked the Empire/Chaos pairing and Destruction had done the same to the Elven one, warfare descended upon the oft-overlooked Dwarven/Greenskin lands, and Kadrin Valley in specific.

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