Video: How to Play with a Zerg

Just a quickie for you boys and girls.

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5 Responses to Video: How to Play with a Zerg

  1. Castamere says:

    Frackin’ good job there! Every day I am progressively convincing the wife to get back into WAR. We had an odd Knight/Swordmaster duo that worked on a very strange level and seeing the Knight in action again certainly rekindles things.

    I think if the news from the next big patch is positive perhaps we can get our feet back in. Maybe sooner.

  2. Castamere says:

    What do you think would be a good RvR/PvE duo partner for a Knight?

    • shadowwar says:

      A Warrior Priest, or maybe a BW. I might lean more toward the BW, since if you’re a duo, you won’t be facing zergs, so the BW will be single target with a delicious heal debuff. Maybe if the other is really good and geared up, an offensive WP (big maybe).

      Ohhh! Or an Ironbreaker. Cross guard. Oathfriend. Big damage. Heal debuff. Yeah, I’d go with the IB most likely.

  3. Readda says:

    Heh, you’d of tried that on us, we’d off just bombed the warcamp, those champs die pretty quick when they get focused…

    • shadowwar says:

      People are terrified of those champs! Long run from the safety of the BO as well, the zerg fears leaving the herd! 😉

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