No, we’re not going to help you

How do I know that the Shadow Warrior is not getting any attention in the balance department anytime soon? This is how.

I’m not angry at Andy, or any of the other fine deliverers of information that we find on the forums. They’re all just doing their job. I am frustrated that they won’t even deliver news on their intent and direction. The Shadow Warrior community needs something more than the canned response, “We continually look at all classes and are constantly performing balance adjustments.”. They need something a little more concrete and definite. “Yes, we recognize the limitations and concerns of the community. We have criteria for determining adjustments and balance changes. The reason we have not addressed the issues presented so far are as follows:”. I think Mythic could earn some serious SW fanboi love if they did that.

This is a more general gaming blog with a heavy focus on WAR for now. My days of constantly pioneering the Shadow Warrior class are long gone. It’s too much work, and took far too much energy. Plus, I’m happily playing my Knight now, and am not as up to date on the issues the community faces in a practical sense. I try to keep abreast of it all, for situations like this, but nothing beats first-hand play time. Anyway, I hope for SW changes, but do not forsee them at all, in any reasonable amount of time (fourth quarter at the earliest if I were a betting man).

Good luck Shadow Warriors, you are more stalwart and persistent than I.


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5 Responses to No, we’re not going to help you

  1. Alastriona says:

    Disappointing. Really and truly disappointing. I loved my shadow warrior, and I still think that with a few good fixes/overhauls, it could really be a standout class. But with this news? I’m tired of waiting to get my little handout. They’re fixing EA in 1.3.4? Great, but it’s just a start. I’m getting really tired of hearing we’re looking at it.

    I’m glad I started playing my Archmage more so I have something to do while waiting perpetually for Mythic to fix a class that’s been broken since Day 1.

    • shadowwar says:

      Obviously, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it now, and I’m sure I’ll say it again in the future. The day I dropped my SW for my Knight was the best day in WAR for me. I could not have made a better, more fulfilling choice.

      • Alastriona says:

        The sad thing is, I *want* to play my SW again. I really do like the class, even with its shortcomings. I don’t think I’ll ever fully abandon that char like I’ve done with my WL. I just want to enjoy the class, not be distracted and annoyed by its problems.

      • shadowwar says:

        I agree, it’s a FUN class to play. I want to play mine as well. Sadly, in no way can I justify it. Frustration, anger, underperforming and being unable to contribute in a group oriented game was just too much in the end.

  2. Tyrhoor says:

    You know this is funny… in a noncomical way. When I met up with some of the Dev’s at Games Day Chicago during my blogging/WAR days… they freely admitted to my buddy (R40 SW) that they knew SW’s needed love, and that they constantly rode the “Careers Team” to get on it… and they seemed somewhat optimistic about it.

    Apparently the Careers Team takes suggestions from nobody.

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